Why Wearing Makeup Makes Perfect Sense


There is more to wearing PinkPanda makeup than what meets the eyes. Whether you believe it or not, these products can do wonders in transforming your life in more ways than what you could have ever imagined.  In fact, the latest studies revealed that the perfect cosmetics blend has played a big role in the […]

There is more to wearing PinkPanda makeup than what meets the eyes. Whether you believe it or not, these products can do wonders in transforming your life in more ways than what you could have ever imagined. 

In fact, the latest studies revealed that the perfect cosmetics blend has played a big role in the lives of successful women from different corners of globe. All of them have experienced the wonderful advantages of putting on cosmetics. 

Cosmetics have been around for more than 7,000 years, making a big mark in different cultures. Among the earliest recorded applications of cosmetics was in Egypt way back in 10,000 BC. During that time, women and men alike used cosmetic ointments for cleaning their skin and covering up body odors. The Egyptians are also known to use an eyeliner called Kohl to serve as a protection for their eyes from the glares of the sun and other health risks.

Through the years, cosmetics have transformed into radiant and effective tools not only for beauty but more importantly, even for confidence. Statistics revealed that almost half of the ladies today are using cosmetics and things don’t just stop there. Women who are wearing cosmetics tend to be treated better, not to mention that they also wear more. Reports also stated that an average woman spends $15,000 on cosmetics during her lifetime. Simply put, cosmetics definitely play a critical role in the day to day routine of women.

If you are curious to know what compels many ladies to invest their money and time on these stuffs, here are some of the exciting benefits that makeup products have to offer:

It Protects Your Skin

One of the little known benefits of wearing cosmetics is that it can actually help keep your skin protected. The unique blend of solar radiation reflectors, pigments, SPF ingredients makes functional colored cosmetics a vital part of skin cancer and anti-aging prevention kit of any woman.

Makeup Revolution
Makeup Revolution

Experts even point out that cosmetic products could actually help in skin cancer prevention. It only goes to show that wearing cosmetics not only makes you beautiful but also makes you healthy at the same time. 

Beauty Cosmetics Can Boost Your Confidence Levels

If you are like other people who have always wanted a flawless makeover, chances are you already experienced this change yourself. Yes, stylists can create transformations that you never knew possible before. 

Cosmetic application is found to create a psychological side effect called the lipstick effect. This lipstick effect is the psychological phenomenon were wearing cosmetics can give people a boost in confidence as it makes them feel much more physically attractive, increases the sense of self-esteem, personality, and attitude.

Makeup products
Makeup products

As a result, this confidence also boosts your cognitive abilities. The latest studies showed that women have higher productivity every time they wear makeup compared to those who don’t wear or use these products at all. 

It’s Therapeutic to Put on Cosmetics 

Aside from the benefits of wearing cosmetics can offer to your health, visiting your local cosmetics artist is one of the most wonderful ways for you to enjoy some me time. In this day and age, a lot of people no longer have the luxury of taking some time out to pamper themselves.

Video: Makeup therapy (very up close, therapeutic + personal)

Just as how you imagined, spending your time getting your cosmetics applied can help you bask in therapeutic relaxation so you can begin the process of healing and return to your usual self. Cosmetics artists will make you feel right at home to make you feel amazing inside out. 

It Cleanses Your Skin

Just as you already know, cosmetics removal calls for a deep cleansing treatment that helps you get rid of impurities or excess oil that might have been seated in your pores. Similarly, keeping your skin clean every day can help you in retaining a glowing and healthy skin.  

If you have no idea how to clean your skin properly after your next makeover, don’t be afraid to talk to a cosmetics expert. They can show and teach you the right way of removing these products and even help you prevent potential skin damage as you do so. 

It Makes You Look Better in Photos 

Cosmetics products can definitely make your pictures look perfect than ever. Yes, with the help of a makeup artist, you can expect to have flawless pictures all the time. Aside from being great for your usual daily selfies, the use of cosmetics can also work its magic in changing how you look during special occasions such weddings, proms, and others. As the old adage goes, a picture can say a lot. 

Wearing Cosmetics is One Exciting Experience 

Wearing cosmetics is also a great way of expressing yourself. It doesn’t matter if you want an artistic look, a glamorous look, or even a rebellious look because your cosmetics can help you say it all. This is an excellent way of exploring which looks will suit you best. You can also try experimenting with different types of foundations, colors, eyebrow designs, and palettes. Think of it this way.  The moment you sit right before a mirror with a cosmetics artist, you can become the person you wish to be. 

It Makes You Look Young 

The last but definitely not the least, wearing cosmetics can also help you sustain your youthful glow and appearance. These products help you conceal aging spots, wrinkles, and other kinds of blemishes. With the touch of a professional, there is no longer a need for you to worry that your age will show. In fact, cosmetics can make you look so much younger than you looked before. 

You see, there are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy every time you wear and use makeup. More than making you look good outside, using cosmetics can also make you feel better from within as it helps boost your confidence levels, maintain good health of your skin, and let you flaunt a more youthful glow for as long as you want. 

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