Getting a tattoo is a very important step in your life. Tattoos are getting more and more fans around the world and more people wish to decorate their skin in such a way. Besides the fact that it looks cool this is also a good way to send a message to the world about yourself, the people or things that you love. What matters most is that you put your trust into a professional tattoo studio.
After you choose your design and the tattoo artists is done with the work what comes next is tattoo care and that is entirely your responsibility.

Post tattoo care is a very serious matter and should be taken very seriously. It takes some skill and knowledge but it is mostly simple and easy if you follow the instructions given by your tattoo studio. Tattoo care is not only a matter of your tattoo looking good on your skin, but also a matter of your health because the correct tattoo care will prevent infections and similar complications.

Steps for taking care of your tattoo

It is very important to leave your bandage on for as long as you are told. I know you might be tempted to take the bandage off to look and admire your new tattoo but patience is required. No matter if your artist told you to keep your bandage on only for an hour or for the entire day, you must follow these instructions.
Only after you are allowed take the bandage off and wash your tattoo. This too is a very important step in tattoo care. Use warm water and a fragrance-free soap to remove any excess/dried blood and plasma and you must do this by patting the area around your tattoo and the tattoo. It is a very bad idea to rub it clean.
The next step in tattoo care is to apply a small amount of lotion on it. This is done so your skin would be nourished properly and it will dramatically affect the way your tattoo looks in the future.

Tattoo care requires discipline and persistence

After the first few steps of tattoo care things will get much easier but you still have to be very disciplined and wash your tattoo regularly until it has fully healed. It usually takes about two to four weeks until the tattoo has completely healed and you are no longer in danger from bacteria and various infections.

During this period your tattoo care includes staying away from water because bacteria likes water and also keeping it away from direct sunlight. It is also important not to pick the flaking skin around your tattoo because pulling at it might also cause an infection.