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Witch eyeshadow fits you best?

When choosing an eyeshadow most women have some difficulties. This is an important decision when putting on makeup. You have to match it with your clothes, your eyes and even your hair. Each slip can be interpreted as sloppiness on your behalf. First of all women have to decide if it fits them to wear eyeshadow. If it does witch color? What is the occasion? What color are your eyes and hair? What color clothes will you wear?

Generally women that haven’t tried it yet should wear neutral colors, brown shades go with everything. This until you fill confident enough to try more vibrant colors. Also brown shades go very well with everyday use, business outfits, or just casual clothes.

The best way to do it is by using three different shades of the same color family. Using a shadow brush apply the lightest color on the brow bone, then the darkest in the crease and the medium on the eyelid. This will make you look stunning especially if you use your finger tip to blend the colors. No one wants to see a stark line between the shades.

Depending on the color of your eyes you will find that some colors work better than others. An example the recommended eyeshadow for green eyes is the whole palette of green from light green to turquoise. You should have more than enough options and why not some fun when choosing your look for that day. But also there are some colors that should be avoided like blue, pink or even silver. No one is stopping you from experimenting but you should look in the mirror and decide what is best for you.  When you want to apply eyeshadow for green eyes you have to use warm colors against cold tones.

Basically it’s all down to your personal preference and what makes you feel good and how do you feel about yourself when you wear one color or another.  Any woman that is confident about wearing her makeup will look great. The key to a good eyeshahow, or any other makeup is confidence and practice, in which I would include experimentation. If you haven’t tried all the colors and shades you will never know which one is for you. Of course I’m not telling you to go out with a certain color if it doesn’t fit you just try it in the comfort of your home and decide. Many designers and makeup artists had started by experimentation.  Makeup is an area in which you can find yourself, see what is best for you as an individual. But be careful not to go to far, remember: “les is more”

So witch eyeshadow fits best, is all about you, depending on many characteristics that are yours. What is important is making you feel better about you as a woman and as an individual. Some colors fit the style of a person some don’t, and it’s also about your personality about who you are.