When you start pulling everything together that you’ll need for your wedding day, putting together a beauty kit is a very important step. You want to stay looking your best at your wedding, so bringing along some beauty items just in case you have a problem can be incredibly handy when you’re in a pinch. Additionally, this kit cans serve as your emergency kit for anything that may pop up during your wedding; whether it’s related to how you look or not. Though each person will want different items in their wedding day beauty kit, here are some must-have items that every bride should have access to on her big day.


This one should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how often a bride leaves something really important at home. Not only do you need to have nail polish, mascara, and other beauty staples, you need to make sure they are the same ones that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. If you chip a nail, you want to be able to fix the chip with a nail polish that matches perfectly. By bring along all of your makeup, whether it’s the big bottles or travel size bottles, you can fix any beauty issue that might pop up during your wedding.

Cotton Swabs and Pads

Though you’ll have all of your makeup along with you, there’s still a need for items like cotton swabs and pads. There are dozens of reasons that one or both of these items may come in handy at your wedding, but for the makeup factor alone they should be included in your kit. Whether you’re applying some fresh makeup or you’re fixing mascara runs from your tears of joy, every wedding day beauty kit should include cotton swabs and pads.

Pain Relievers and Anti-Biotic Gel

Whether it’s from sore feet or you are just prone to getting headaches, having the necessary pain relievers along with you can be a real lifesaver. There’s nothing worse than dealing with pain while you’re trying to enjoy your wedding, so having a couple pain relievers to take can get you back dancing in no time. Also, having some anti-biotic gel or ointment on hand can help you treat other type of injuries that may occur during your ceremony or reception. If you accidentally get a small burn from people using sparklers carelessly, you can easily stop the pain with a dab of the ointment. If you get a small cut or sore on your heel from too much dancing, some gel can easily prevent infection.


Snacks and Water

Sometimes when you’re getting ready for your wedding ceremony, you are much too busy thinking about your beauty and forget to eat. This is particularly true if you’ve been dieting during the weeks leading up to your wedding because you will be in the habit of eating light and less often. Make sure you have a granola bar or your favorite candy bar along with a small bottle of water in your wedding day beauty kit. If you find yourself feeling weak, you can recharge with your snack. We all know a hydrated bride is a beautiful bride, so make sure you drink enough water so your skin is supple and glowing for your wedding photos.