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Wedding season is in full swing and from the moment the happy couple gets engaged, Facebook pandemonium ensues like a volcanic eruption. First there’s the big announcement on Facebook , quickly followed by the updated couple status to engaged to make it “official.” I mean, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, did it really make a sound? Most newly engaged women would say, “no way.” They are floating on cloud nine and want the entire world to know. That said, within seconds, elated family and friends “like” the beaming couple’s post and shower them with tons of sweet comments and well wishes.

Facebook has quickly become the number one social media platform to share information of all sorts… from photos, to favorite brands, wedding bands and gift ideas to save the dates, dresses and more! On Facebook, we’re also able to instantly receive that coveted feedback, better known as “approval from our close family and friends. Even though many of us we know we shouldn’t care, we often seek out approval from others close to us. When a couple just gets engaged, it’s not unusual for them to start hearing all types of advice and recommendations from those with “good intentions,” however if they aren’t careful, they can quickly feel stressed and overwhelmed. How do we know which advice to follow and whose tips to ignore? Is there really a right or wrong or some magic bridal “how to” guide to make the special day one to remember? After all, the couple only has one shot at making their big day as magical as possible so it translates into the fairy tale they had always dreamed about. Note, not what their guests have dreamed about… but what they have dreamed about. At the end of the day, it’s important to make sure the wedding day truly reflects both the bride and groom so they don’t look back on the day with any regrets.

Wedding related businesses from florists, photographers, bands, videographers (you name it) are all extremely present on Facebook and it’s super important for future business growth. Therefore, they create an engaging Facebook page where they can easily communicate with and update their potential customers, better known as “fans” in real-time about their latest promotions, products and services. When new fans “like” their Facebook page, the company is then able to directly engage with that person and foster a meaningful relationship to build brand loyalty… all with just a few clicks of the keyboard. Amazing how far modern technology and social media has come. New fans will then continually receive brand updates and it’s not long before their personal network of friends and family start to see exactly which brands they are loving at the moment. It’s then very likely that they too will “like” the brand’s Facebook page. Of course Facebook pages with more “likes” receive the most attention so brands looking to quickly grow their online community should consider acquiring instant “likes” from a site such as Happy wedding planning!

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