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What is Shellac and Gelish Nail Care?

Fashion and style together are an important parts of every woman’s life. However, fashion is part of people’s life in general and everyone strives towards fashion. Everyone wants to be fashionable and attractive. Women apply fashion even to their nails. Shellac and gelish nail care manicure are fashionable trends lately. These styles make beautiful nails to last longer. They are very similar styles of manicure that include similar procedure. However, women have choice, whether to choose shellac or gelish nail care, it depends on them.

Shellac is a nail style that treats the nail with traditional treatment and has long lasting results. The polish lasts for two weeks. The polish makes nails hard to break and resistible to starches and wearing. Also there is always applied a crème that protects the gel itself. It can be in different colors. Ladies have to choose of the palette of colors.

Before applying shellac manicure to the nails, it is good to have the regular manicure done. It will stress the natural beauty of nails and gives them additional flexibility.
After the regular manicure, a shellac nail gel polish is placed over the nail layer by layer. After polish is placed over the nails of the one hand, they go in a special UV lamp that helps the el to dry more quickly. Nails remain in the lamp for thirteen seconds and the polish is completely dried.

Usually, after the polish dries, there should be applied nail oil for protection of the nails and the polish in good condition. Some women, besides applying the nail and cuticle oil, keep wearing gloves while doing some household work with the hands, for greater protection of the shining shellac nails.

Gelish style is very similar to Shellac style. They both have the same characteristic, they are starch resistible. They both use specialized UV lamp to dry the polish. The difference is that Gelish style nails last a little longer than the shellac style. It lasts three weeks. The secret is in the strength of the layers. These styles cannot damage the nails. That is why they are referred to as shellac and gelish nail care. So, there is no need to rest the nail, as it is the case with the acryl style. Shellac and gelish nail care is completely safe for nails. However, they can’t be rubbed off at home. They need a professional care for removing. Another difference is that shellac style is available in less variety of colors then gelish (24 with 72 respectively). Anyway, both shellac and gelish nail care make nails look attractive and healthy.

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