My brand is called Benigna Parfums and our first release is called Absolute celebration for him and her. A luxury perfume bottled in a crystal 
What inspired you to do what you do? Why is this important to you? 
I have always wanted to be that woman in the bible that gave her most expensive perfume. I want to bring back the experience of that luxury, give the best quality perfumes.

And all my life, my dream was to do something at the apex like go to the moon and growing up I wanted to become an astronaut and travel to the space, but unfortunately due to poverty I struggled a lot financially going to school that I had to work to sponsor myself while in school. So, I couldn’t achieve all that.

Though I was able to achieve becoming a pilot and aerospace engineer. And now, because of my love for perfume, I thought I should used up my apex desires in perfumes by creating finest and highest quality perfume for people to celebrate.