It is said that a human’s face is the epitome of mind. This statement is cent per cent correct. However, there is one part of the face that we often tend to neglect and that is our eyebrow. Threading is a common exercise that people especially women go through in order to make their eyebrow look more beautiful and stylish. However, there are people in this world who have opted for strange eyebrows and most of them have failed to look good in this new look of theirs. Let us have a look at some of these eyebrow fashions.

Slug Style- Although these eyebrows can be effective in playing one’s part to save nature and animals, they look very bad as an eyebrow.

Moustache- These eyebrows are mustachio in nature and are considered one of the biggest flops of the eyebrow style industry. It gives a strange quizzical look to the face of the person and looks like two raised moustaches.

bad brows

Picture courtesy of bad eyebrows @A2P

bad eyebrows

Bum Fluff- These are one of the craziest eyebrows as they seem to coincide the bum part of a human being. There is nothing more to say why these eyebrows are not much in vogue.

Chopsticks- Well these are the straightest piece of eyebrows ever seen on the planet. They are named after the Chinatown chopsticks. Well, you can use these eyebrows for a couple of purposes. One is for showcasing one’s bad looks after sporting these eyebrows and the other is that one can use them anytime while is Chinese on the food menu. On a serious note, this style is pretty haggardly.

These were some of the most devastating eyebrow styles of this planet.