Beauty Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

Natural Ingredients or toxic chemicals? When given the option of what to feed your skin everyday, would you prefer organic skin care or chemical cosmetics? Table of Contents What are Chemical Cosmetics?What is Organic Skin Care?Here are the beauty benefits of using natural cosmetics:1. SAFE for DAILY USE2. TREAT plus NOURISH3. ORGANIC for ALL! What […]

Natural Ingredients or toxic chemicals?

When given the option of what to feed your skin everyday,
would you prefer organic skin care or chemical cosmetics?

What are Chemical Cosmetics?

Studies show that women use about 175 kinds of industrial chemicals from their beauty products on a daily basis! Common synthetic ingredients like carcinogens or parabens are widely used for an effective yet hazardous skin care regimen. Though seemingly harmless, the usage of these chemicals on skin could have an unhealthy cumulative effect.

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What is Organic Skin Care?

Organic skin care uses all natural ingredients for beautification in make up, skin repair or enhancements.When faced with finding the best skin care regimen, going natural is the safest and healthiest way to nourish skin and avoid harmful ingredients! Reliable as well as beneficial, natural cosmetics provide an array of skin care nutrients without sacrificing quality and effectiveness.

Here are the beauty benefits of using natural cosmetics:


Natural ingredients in organic skin care treatments are less harmful to skin than chemical-based products. The effects of beauty and skincare routines can build up and develop long term results that can develop over the years. By using natural blends on skin, ill effects are prevented as natural cosmetics do not block pores nor cause pimples and are guaranteed to have no harmful side effects even with daily usage.

When it comes to daily cosmetics like lipstick or foundation, an all natural beauty regimen is proven safe to use and less risky to irritations or skin rashes. For years of usage, a set of natural cosmetics can eliminate exposure to harsh artificial toxins and can provide healthy and glowing skin.


A natural beautification product uses all kinds of great organic ingredients! These include fruit infusions, essential oils, or plant extracts. Because these natural cosmetics don’t use chemicals to solve a skin problem, these treatments not only address the issue but also help to nourish the skin.

A great example of a treat-plus-nourish beauty package is the Body Wrap. In the world of Body Wraps, all blends used are a hodgepodge of effective natural ingredients that both treat and nourish while providing maximum inch loss and body detox!

Instead of going for chemical peels or botox, always go for what’s natural. Treating, beautifying, enhancing, and improving your skin is as equally important as nourishing it.


Hypoallergenic, healthy, and mild on skin, natural cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. WIth the chemical-free formulas in organic cosmetics, conditions can be treated without worsening or irritating the skin. Because of this, natural cosmetics can reach a wider range of customers and can also provide an assortment of organic skincare.

For organic lotions or skin repair treatments, many skin types can benefit from all kinds of natural ingredients that are not only healthy but also work! With endless natural ingredients having beneficial effects, you can choose to give your skin some aloe vera, chamomile, peppermint or even rosebuds!

About the Author: Ella Simpson is an advocate of natural products and is the author of Wrap Yourself Slim – Body Wraps Exposed, an ebook filled with natural home body wrap recipes. She has spent years experimenting with natural ingredients to formulate spa quality body wrap products for home use, which she now sells at her website Wrap Yourself Slim Australia for a fraction of the cost of spa treatment.