When Socrates says he knows he doesn’t know anything, then I would agree with the exception of the basic fashion principle that accessories can make any outfit better. I couldn’t be more certain. Every general outfit is transformable by the small additions and can become a highlight without constantly buying new clothes and increasing our ecological footprint.

A variety of accessories are available to male and female trendsetters. The selection does not stop at (the immense variety of) handbags, belts or shoes. Rings, bracelets, glasses, piercings, scarves, earrings, etc. can make the difference.

Nails should be given special attention, because the hands of an unknown person already say a lot about their fashion sense and personality. Especially when it comes to nail design, there are no limits to the creativity of everyone, thanks to new and modern ideas. Nail Wraps are super thin and self-adhesive foils that are glued directly onto the nails. The variety of colours and the complex design give nail lovers the opportunity to reinvent their nails every day. This makes it a new and versatile IT accessory without having to spend a lot of time and money on visiting nail studios.

A trendsetter in nail design is the young brand Blikka from Berlin, which you will probably hear more about in the future. At https://blikka.de/, the company offers a wide range of styles and designs for all kinds of occasions: be it a party, an official occasion, normal office life, festivals or chilling on the beach. The bestsellers offer a nice overview of the different designs: from plain colours to glitter, from abstract forms and patterns to flower designs, from dots to tartan, golden, royal, sparkling, etc…It should be emphasized that the portfolio is constantly being expanded with young creative designers, so that Blikka can always offer its customers variance and relevance.

But you can not only enjoy complex designs for reasonable prices. In fact, the application is child’s play: Clean the nail, stick on the nailfoil and that’s it. No more waiting, waving, blowing, swearing and smudging. Thin films make the designs look elegant and not bulky but are very robust and do not flake off after only a week. Thus, they represent a real alternative for nail polish or expensive nail studios for a simpler everyday life.

With Blikka your nails pimp every oufit. Five Minutes. Its not a problem anymore 😉