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Cover of Nail Art

Popular Manicure Designs and Styles for Your Nails

Women all over the world want to have good looking and beautiful nails. In the last decade it is fashionable for women to have various manicure designs. There is French manicure style, shellac, minx, acryl manicure, over which different designs are applied. Women like to experiment with their nails in order to make them more attractive.

The freedom of manicure designs is infinite. Nail should be natural and healthy. However, with the variety of manicure designs that can be applied to the nails, every nail fault can be hidden. There are also false nails that are applied over the natural nails in order to make them look more attractive.

French manicure is very popular in the recent years. It looks very natural, and that is why women like it. There is a nude color applied over the whole nail. Then the tips of the nails are colored white. And all over them is placed a little layer of invisible gel. However, nowadays there are many variations of this style of manicure. There are different variations of manicure designs. Women combine colors, place zircons and other additives in order to make them look more beautiful.

Acrylic nails style is good if your nails are thick and easily breakable. Also this style keep nails shine and natural. Over the acryl there are various designs that can be applied. Ladies nowadays usually want nude colors more than sharp colors, because they look more natural. However, there are also other manicure designs that women apply. Everything depends individually. Women know what they want over their nails.

Minx nails is style that is still not as developed as French and acryl style. This style includes metallic, shiny and bright colors. That is why ladies don’t want it so much. It is often considered that metallic is boy color and usually this style is applied to the toes. However, there are also varieties of manicure designs for this style as well.

Ladies want nails with flowers in all colors, or combination of three or two colors. Among the strangest and unusual manicure designs, I found a design with human faces. Sometimes they can be popular people, but not always. Ladies’ madness goes so far that they place their beloved on the nails. Often it is only one nail on one hand and one on the other one. There are also ladies that want sport and the dress of their favorite football team place on their nails. However, there is a variety of manicure designs that are to be found yet. There are no limits in nail art.

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