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Ten Useful Tips How to Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner has the function of additional product, which only completes the perfection of make up on the face. It does not take much time to make your make up look perfect. You needn’t to be a professional to know how to apply eyeliner. There are only several steps to follow. However, there are different types of eyeliner that are available on the market. There are liquid, pencil, and powder eyeliners. There are also various colors of each type available. This is a must know if you want to learn the best way on know how to apply eyeliner.
There are many ways how to apply eyeliner. Beside the choices mentioned above, it also depends on which part of the eye is desired to be more defined. Before applying it, first needs preparation. Make sure that the eyeliner is sharp (if it is pencil eyeliner). Be sure that powder and liquid eyeliners do not have clumps.

When the eyeliner is checked to be alright, the applying may start. There are ten easy steps on how to apply eyeliner. They are explained below:

1. be sure that the elbow of the hand that applies the eyeliner is placed on a firm surface. That will exclude every possibility of moving the hand. The wrist of that hand should be laid on the face. That will exclude every possibility of moving the hand.
2. Place the head a little backwards in order to make good angle for applying the eyeliner.
3. This step should give a static position to the eye. Some people find it easier to apply to stretched eye, while others want to apply the eyeliner to relaxed eye. However, if the eye is relaxed during the application, make it focus on the reflection of the eyes in the mirror.
4. Make a line on the upper lid, as close to the lashes as possible.
5. When applying liquid eyeliner, it must be dried before opening the eye, because there is a possibility to copy to the other lid.
6. For softer look smudge the line. If the desired look is straight line, leave it like it is.
7. Some girls want a little flick at the end of the line, it may not look good with smudging of the line, so don’t smudge it if you want a flick at the end of the line.
8. Make line on the lower lid from the outside towards the inward side. Make it sure that it looks natural.
9. Applying eyeliner on the 1/3 of the upper lash and 2/3 on the lower lash gives natural look.
10. Double eyeliner gives more dramatic look.

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