Wrapping a gift is never as much fun as opening one! That’s why gift bags have become so popular. But gift bags are boring, and don’t show a lot of creativity or care. That’s why I’m so excited about the first new design concept in gift wrapping in over twenty-five years. It’s called DazzleWrap, and it combines the convenience of a gift bag with the beauty of an Asian lantern.

dazzleDazzleWrap™ is the creation of a frustrated gift wrapper and engineer! David Bezar, our founder, was attempting to wrap a Christmas gift for his daughter. “I draped the gift in ribbon but felt that it lost the ‘surprise’ benefit I wanted for my daughter, I found an Asian lantern that was perfect for my idea. I cut it in half and affixed a cardboard base to it to keep it sturdy. It looked like an expensive gift bag made out of an Asian lantern and she liked it almost better than the gift inside!”

Scissors, tape, ribbons and tissue paper are not necessary. It takes seconds to wrap a present with DazzleWrap. You simply place your gift on the sturdy DazzleWrap base then unfold the pleated paper dome over your gift.

DazzleWrap comes in a variety of solid and multi colors and feature a soft cord or ribbon handle and attached, coordinated gift card. They are available in mini, small, medium or large sizes. DazzleWrap™ glows in the dark with the addition of a DazzleLite™, an eight mode small light that adds a compelling, soft glow that completely transforms the look and presentation of each DazzleWrap. The light can be set to create solid or changing color patterns.

Words do not do DazzleWrap justice. Check it out for yourself! Go to www.dazzlewrap.com to watch a short video, and to see all the different patterns and colors available. While there be sure to sign up for a free coupon!

Written by: Cindy Newman, Aliso Viejo CA