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After using numerous eye liners in the market the best one available till date is MAC eye shadow not only because of its name but its quality .They are highly pigmented and bound to stay throughout the day. The variety of colours that MAC has come up with is mind boggling there is something new every time .Even though the company has its brand considering the price tag that it comes up with if you get to buy the refilling pans, they almost to last for ever and really worth investing.

Get the touch of just like being a celebrity as numerous celebrities has expressed their deep faith in this product. The packaging of the product is very attractive, especially if you want to de-pot the shadows to it involves easy pop up out of individual containers. The individual containers loo nice having window at the top so that you can see the colours from the top. The pigment is very impressive for the bold colours which stay for prolonged time. No creasing occurs and the best thing is that it blends well have a smooth finish.

Even if you are acne prone and have very high sensitivity this product is bound to be a benchmark for the eye shadow products that you have used so far, which are available in the market .The 15 pallet pots of widest range of colour selection really turns out to be the value for money and the high level quality assurance of the MAC brand is beyond doubt. Depending upon your mood and style the colours are available with high pigment and long lasting super blending shadows that within this price hardly anyone ever been able to satisfy.

Carbon typnographic,Blacktied etc. and numerous colours that really would attract attention if you out in the best way possible and enhances your eye make up to new level. Even though some colours may make you feel crazy but if you know what to choose from then it is a blessing. The recycling part of the product is great and you ought not go for buying same huge sets again as you have the palate colours readily available in the market and can be refilled easily and of very reasonable cost. The wear ability and application even though little complicated but once get used to the product its application no at all a concern.

MAC really stands up to the mark in providing excellent range of eye shadows within the affordable range of price tag. Green smoke, Aqua dish and numerous to choose from if you want to have the glamour effect to your eyes having the best quality then this product do has complete package of everything with unbelievable post sale customer service as if develop any questions after buying the product like any know how you can directly call the customer care to get the experts opinion from the experts. So, if really want to buy an eye shadow product then this eye shadow is worth to go for and is quite sure of its up to the mark performance.