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Discover which the Best Drugstore Eye Shadow is

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive. There is a variety of cosmetics for women. The choice is great and women are smart to choose better quality for lower price. That is why they make distinction in drugstore cosmetics and high end cosmetics. Regarding the price, these two types differ a lot, but there are some quality cosmetics that can be found in a drugstore for affordable prices. One of the quality cosmetics that can be found in drugstore is eye shadow.
Beside the high prices in higher end eye shadows, there is an affordable price of drugstore eye shadow. The quality is as well among the best in the kind. Every good eye shadow, as well as the best drugstore eye shadow, must be characterized with several important characteristics. Among the most important are: good pigmentation for better look; well elaborated eye shadows, in order not to crease on the skin while applying it; it should last for at least eight hours; It should give good look, in spite of the good characteristic, most of all it should give the eye attractive look. Going through these characteristics, we can say that the best drugstore eye shadow can be found. There is not just one best, there are several. However, few of them are mentioned below.

There are several items that stand out above all the others as the best drugstore eye shadow. They are Milani and L’Oreal HIP. Revlon’s eye shadow quads and CoverGirl eye enhances are worth to be mentioned.

Milani drugstore eye shadow has many advantages. There is a lot of pigmentation and when they are applied on the eye they look great, like the best drugstore eye shadow ever. What is more appealing is that these eye shadows can last for the whole day. There are several types of Milani eye shadows. However all of them are good. Dry eye shadow can even be used as eye liner, when it is a little wet. This trade mark offers a wide range of colors, what makes them special. These make this eye shadow the best drugstore eye shadow ever.

L’Oreal Hip eye shadow is very similar to MAC eye shadows. They only differ in the price and affordability. Women who love MAC eye shadows now can get them at affordable price.

Revlon eye shadow quads are good pigmented and can last more than eleven hours without a small creasing. That is what makes this eye shadow one of the best drugstore eye shadows.

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers offer a wide palette range. It has more brightly and flashy colors than other eye shadows. It shares many characteristics with Milani drugstore eye shadow.