41d000_b19946b869559100dd539c227ed91e05The products made of the Dead Sea are known to have mineral rich salt. The highly mineralized waters of the Dead Sea don’t let anything live in the Dead Seawaters.

This sea is located near a four thousand mile line in the crust. Every single day the water, about seven million tons of it evaporates leaving behind minerals which make the salt content increase. Round the clock cosmetic companies harvest these valuable minerals to make use of them in a variety of Dead Sea products.

The waters are also known to have great medicinal value. Cleopatra, Aristotle and King Solomon were made to take baths in the rich Dead Sea.

The markets are flooded with Dead Sea products. These cosmetics are certainly working wonders for those suffering from acne, pimple and blackheads. There are trendy magnetism masks of clay which can be left on the face and used to separate the collagen with a magnet. This good stuff really does work wonders on ones face. If you are looking for something to clean out pores, you can bank upon Dead Sea products. Masks like these should be used twice or thrice a week depending upon your skin type.

The fresh waters of this sea are known to cure one of psoriasis, acne, cellulite, eczema, dandruff, wrinkles, dry skin and many other skin related problems. The slat of this sea has also been used to relieve tension in the muscles to allow one to relax better. A good sea salt dead sea bath can really soothe the nerves. Expensive spas make full use of this but now these salt baths have become very popular at home too. The therapeutic feel given by a single bath will take all you tensions away.

Nowadays one can make use of the exfoliating scrubs available to improve their skin and rid of grime and dirt. Much liquid soap made from the Salt of the Dead sea have also become popular. If you are looking for premiere care for your skin, these products will do justice and are certainly worth every penny. The Dead Sea is world renowned because of its ability to effectively treatment skin disorder. The water is rich with iodine, sulphur, calcium and magnesium. Generations now have made use of Dead Sea products to relieve them of various problems. With shampoos, mud masks and so many cosmetic products to choose form, the Dead sea products for one’s skin and scalp really do work. You just have to try it to believe it.