Chili coupon
Chili coupon (Photo credit: G3K)

Coupon Chili are one of the leading coupon code websites for United States and North American consumers, and this month partnered with BH Cosmetics to offer valid coupon codes and promotions for 2013. If you are shopping on the website and want to save some money on your purchase then make sure you bookmark the Coupon Chili website as some of the offers on there are extremely good value. (You can see all of the coupon codes here).

Valid BH Cosmetics Code Offers

The latest coupons include the following promotions:

• Save up to 60% on selected eye makeup and foundation products

• Buy 2 products and get a 10% discount

• Qualify for free shipping

• Get 60% off on end of the line cosmetics items

• Save up to 10% off on selected top brand eye shadows

• Save 10% on cosmetics and foundation primer

• Eye shadow products that qualify for a 45% discount

New Coupons Added Every Month

That should be enough to get you started, and with new BH Cosmetics coupon codes being added each month, it’s worth coming back to Coupon Chili any time that you are shopping on Coupon Chili has a great reputation for only ever publishing valid coupon codes for the stores that they promote so you won’t find yourself wasting time clicking on expired links or out of date coupons.

Who Are BH Cosmetics?

BH Cosmetics are renowned as one of the leading online stores when it comes to makeup, with a particular focus on eye shadow and foundation products. Their new partnership with Coupon Chili means that new codes are being added all the time, with some exclusive offers only being available to users of the Coupon Chili website.

If you are shopping for a friend then it’s possible to also purchase gift cards for BHC which come in varying different denominations ranging from $15 to $200 US Dollars.