xlashSeriously who wouldn’t want to have long, luscious lashes? All girls would want that, of course. This is exactly what the right eyelash serum can do for you. Because of the nutrients that are included in the formula, the lashes can grow longer and more voluminous. They can then add more beauty in your eyes. In fact, once you can have these types of lashes, you can already ditch the mascara and other eyelash makeup tools. But what other benefits can you get?

1. They’re a whole lot better than eyelash extensions. If you want a faster way of growing your eyelashes, all you have to do is to attach eyelash extensions. You can have the lashes you want in an instant. Moreover, there’s a growing number of eyelash extension brands that can now be worn for days or even weeks. Nevertheless, eyelash serum have more advantages than the extensions. First, you’re less likely to suffer from an eye irritation with the former than with the latter. This is because extensions are often made of synthetic. On the other hand, even if they are made of real human hair, the strands can still get into the eyes. Second, eyelash extensions require more maintenance. They have to be cleaned often, and after a few uses, they have to be thrown. Otherwise, they could already breed some bacteria, which can cause eye infections.

2. They give the right nutrients for the eyelashes. Elaborating point no. 1, one of the reasons why eyelash serums can give you great lashes is because of the ingredients found in them. They are normally enriched with the right proteins such as keratin. It’s chiefly responsible for the development of great hair, keeping every strand soft, shiny, but strong (haven’t you noticed that most shampoos and conditioners have keratin)? The same benefits are extended into the lashes, so they don’t easily fall off unless you purposely rub objects such as towels vigorously into your eyes.

3. They can give you great savings in the long run. It may be true that eyelash extensions are a lot cheaper than the serum, but the benefits are normally on the outset. In the long term, you’ll find the serum a better investment. A bottle can last for a month or two, and by then, you can already see results that are more long lasting. You wouldn’t have to spend on any kind of maintenance, and these days retailers can already give you huge discounts on your purchases. Sometimes your succeeding orders will become more affordable. Moreover, because these serums can last for a while, you can choose to buy in bulk and save money on shipping.

4. They’re easy to use. If you want the lash extensions to appear natural, you then need to attach them individually into the tip of the lashes. Sometimes you have to use skin glue to hold them together for a while. There’s no denying that lash extensions can be painstaking. Now compare that with eyelash serums. You simply apply the serum at the tip at least once a day and you’re basically done.

So now the question is, which eyelash serum is the best? We would definitely recommend Xlash Eyelash Serum as one of the best on the market. Xlash can be bought at www.xlash.net