As Shakespeare once said, “your eyes are the windows to your soul”. Undoubtedly, he said it right. We are always so prepared to fight with any kind of skin deformities that may happen in the future – however, we fail to protect the skin around our eyes. And, the skin around our eyes is most vulnerable and prone to showing signs of premature aging.


Of course, the skin care market is inundated with several eye cream products that all claim to do magic on the skin underneath your eyes. But, we all know it’s not true, and only some eye creams are actually effective. So, how do we know what eye creams work and what don’t? Here are 5 things that you must know about an eye cream.

This is the most obvious one out of all since you should not overlook the significance of ingredients that are used in the making of an eye cream. Remember that your skin beneath the eyes is incredibly sensitive, any ingredient that is chemical based and harsh in the cream will do more harm than good to your skin. Look for ingredients that are natural and contain powerful antioxidants like this eye cream from Revitol.

Packaging should be correct
For all cosmetic brands, including eye creams, packaging plays a pivotal role. Therefore, it is a good idea to use an eye cream that have packaging to keep the light and air sensitive ingredients steady. Don’t go for container type packing such as jars made of plastic, glass or ceramic. Choose eye creams that come in hygienic packaging.

Find out the review
Fortunately we live in times when information is available at finger tips. So, it is a good idea to read reviews of any particular eye creams online. There are several blogs online that give you access to customer feedbacks and suggestions that customers write online. It is good to go to these blogs and read reviews before using eye cream of any particular brand. Reading reviews will help in making smart choices.

Find out the purpose of an eye cream
Every eye cream makes tall promises and claims to have diverse solutions for varied problems. It is essential to find out what solutions is a particular eye cream offering. Understand the claims made by these branded eye creams. Does it reduce dark circles and puffiness around eyes? Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines? Improves skin elasticity around eyes? Make sure that the claims made by eye creams are in congruent with your expectations.

Fragrance or fragrance-free eye cream
Usually, there are two types of eye creams available – fragrance eye cream and fragrance-free eye cream. If you have super sensitive skin underneath your eyes then you must be extra careful with eye creams containing fragrances. Fragrance is known to cause irritation to your skin, and it hardly matters whether the fragrance is natural-based or chemical-based.

It is strongly recommended that you use fragrance-free eye cream as fragrances have the potential to dramatically increase the risk of damaging your skin. Check here for how to find if the fragrances are not harmful.


Finding the right eye cream can be challenging if you don’t research wisely. So, make sure that you get your information correct on eye creams and then choose an eye cream accordingly.