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A concealer and sometimes referred to as color corrector is a specific type of makeup that is used to conceal pimples on the face, most dark circles and various other small blemishes visible on the skin that one wishes to hide. Many concealers will usually do an awesome job of keeping blemishes hidden; this is usually done by blending the area into the skin tone that surrounds it. This product is for the most part used by women, although use among men has been increasing. Both the concealer and what others use called foundation will usually be used to make the skin appear even more uniform as far as the color goes. These two different kinds of cosmetics will differ in that concealers will mostly tend to be more heavily colored, although they are readily available in a very wide range of transparences. A lot of foundation is usually applied to the larger areas. The first commercially available concealer was available through Max Factor’s Erace, which was launched in 1938. Concealer could be used alone or together with other foundations. Concealer is always commercially available in a plethora of shades, from the lightest to the deepest. There are some colors that are made to purposefully look like the users natural skin tone, at the same time others are manufactured to contrast with a certain kind of blemish. White can and is usually used to blur the dark circles one may have or for instance bruising, and to brighten dull skin. When you mix green and blue it can counteract with red patches on the users skin, For example those caused by pimples, broken veins, or the like. Sometimes a purple-tinted color can make darker complexion look brighter. Colored concealers these types of colored concealers are usually applied a little at a time beneath a concealer or foundation that matches the user’s skin tone. The Skin-toned concealers are not the only type out there, but are often used more to hid blurring imperfections in the users skin.

Vincent Longo Crème Concealer is a good company that provides a concealer that gives the ideal texture for blending around the eye area Estee Lauder appeals to those seeking “the perfect balance,” most women say it’s their daily staple. Bobbi Brown is in this year’s line up with a light, easy-to-blend color corrector that will instantly make you look a lot fresher, brighter, and more awake. Origins claims to have a concealer that makes Shadows, wrinkles and redness never know what hid them! Its cosmetics says that its endorsed by plastic surgeons in brazil. And lastly, chanel pro Lumiere comes out with another top quality product, let’s take a look at the individual products from these manufactures:


No. 1: Vincent Longo Crème Concealer

Usually a product that is loved by those who seek “A perfect balance”, This product is thought to be a daily staple for women around the world because of its great quality and value, and not to mention it does an awesome job at matching skin tones.

No. 2: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer SPF 10

Another concealer claiming to be the best this multi-purpose product feels light yet it covers like a thick, full-coverage concealer Most users like to use it on dark circles and reoccurring redness, bumps and under-eye circles. They also love it because it lasts all day.

No. 3: Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

When this product is used even sparingly on the inner corners of the user’s eyes, many readers will agree that this concealer really “brightens the under-eye area”. Another reader says, it’s all the best makeup without the additional flakiness that others leave.

No. 4: Origins Quick, Hide! Concealer

Reader’s love that this product has a light texture and that it covers everything it needs to cover, all while looking natural. One of our readers says that she used nothing more than this product because it just works and sticks well to the face.

No. 5: It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-eye

An awesome concealer that does not crease when you have it on all day, and happens to be another product that most users say that it’s a staple and they tend to use it all day.

No. 6: Chanel Pro Lumiere Correcteur Professional Finish Concealer

This very light and creamy concealer, while extremely expensive it is still considered to be a “must have,” according to several readers. It is a makeup Often used by the pros, it gives enough coverage to hide everything you would want to in your face

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