If living with rough and dull skin has been stressing you and you feel irritable all the time, its time to pause and have a look at your skin care regimen and products. What’s missing? You might be missing some essential elements in these products, therefore it is better to dig deeper for a workable component that can transform your skin into a supple texture. You will get astonished to learn about the skin care features of Dead Sea cosmetics, but it has been proven through several researches that the salty Dead Sea is a full vanity case of skin rejuvenating products. Incorporating such Dead Sea elements in the skin care regimen can bring blossoming results.


It sounds strange that a salt can care the skin, in fact, salt is considered as an abrasive and dehydrating agent .It is a verity that Dead Sea salt has some exclusive hydrating and moisturizing properties.

What the Dead Sea Ingredients Do?

  • This Dead Sea salt is not the occasional sodium chloride, it is a bit different genre and Possess calcium, magnesium, zinc and other such minerals which have water retaining properties, thus, these minerals retain moisture in your skin for a longer duration.

  • These elements also help in cellular metabolism which in turns speeds up the growth of new cells while discarding the old ones.

  • Salt water minerals also protect you from ultraviolet burns and thus act as a sunscreen

  • The Dead Sea salt is also a traditional exfoliator, and when dissolved in warm water it removes the dead skin cell from the skin’s surface giving more space to the skin to absorb nutrients and moisture.

  • Mud mask is not a novel product in skin care and mud mask from the Dead Sea Cosmetics will produce uncountable positive effects to your skin as it contains the clay rich in organic material saturated in mineral rich Dead Sea water.

  • A Dead Sea mud wrap gives you visible toning, moisturizing and restoring a healthy sense of the skin it helps to, improve the skin’s elasticity.

The color of Dead Sea mud is black therefore we use a black mud mask to heal our skin from psoriasis and other irritating skin conditions.

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