Argan trees are endemic to Morocco. They produ...
Argan trees are endemic to Morocco. They produce the Argan oil, valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’re a skin care fanatic, you know there’s so many different products out there that it’s easy to throw money away left and right – you need to shop smart.
There’s always a ‘next best thing’ coming down the pike when it comes to skin care products, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of purchasing things that actually work versus things that actually just cost a lot and don’t do much. Luckily the newest skin care product that’s all the rage – organic argan oil – does exactly what it says on the tin, and there’s plenty of scientific research to back this up.


If you’ve never heard of argan oil, don’t be surprised – it’s not that well known out of its native Morocco. In fact it’s often referred to as Moroccan oil because that’s the only place in the world it can be made, thanks to the fact that it’s the fruit of the argan tree that the oil is sourced from; the tree is a protected species and only grows in that particular region of the world.
On top of that, though, the product actually works. Argan oil benefits include keeping your skin moisturised and providing an important barrier from the environment, and is a fantastic choice for anyone who is especially rough on their hands through work or because they have a rather strenuous hobby, but it’s also an amazing skin protectant because of little things called antioxidants.
Antioxidants are organic compounds that are quite good at keeping the human body in top condition. You may have heard of them, as they’re an important component to overall general health, and they work by keeping the body young and working well through eliminating the effect of free radicals within the body.
There’s all sorts of antioxidants, with some being better at preserving different kinds of health. The antioxidants within organic argan oil such as Vitamin E are especially adept at preserving skin health, which means that treating your skin regularly with a topical ointment or crème containing argan oil as an ingredient may help keep your skin looking young and healthy, and may even help to prevent the formation of wrinkles!


Argan oil may have fantastic skin benefits for adults that want to keep their skin looking youthful, but there are some other skin care benefits that may be of serious use to younger individuals as well. For anyone who’s had to deal with the heartbreak of severe acne it can be a nightmare trying to find a skin treatment that will help, but many people have found that using argan oil for acne treatment has proven quite successful.
Argan oil is an excellent choice because, unlike harsh skin cleansers that can leave your face swollen, puffy and prone to infection, argan oil can be used to gently cleanse the skin, stripping off excess oils that can cause acne and leaving your skin intact. This makes it a safer, alternative to many expensive – and ultimately useless – acne products!

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