English: Basic Acupuncture.
English: Basic Acupuncture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eastern Medicine has become increasingly popular in the West-  Ayuveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayahuasca healing- to name a few. Many of the practitioners are interested in bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine, and do this by educating their patients through body awareness and ancient treatments. Using these techniques patients reach new levels and improve their health and vitality. There are many banff and canmore deals where you can stay while you heal.

This article features the best holistic practitioners in Canmore, and hopes to shed light on the talents of these healers:

Dr. Vivien Hsiung:  Vivien focuses on educating each and every patient on the purpose and practice of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). She wants to empower her patients, so they can heal themselves; using TCM and herself as a too. She makes each session relevant to the patients’ condition, and identifies patterns in your lifestyle so you can facilitate action.

She focuses on postural imbalances, migraines, infertility, sports rehabilitation, chronic digestive issues and irregular menstruation.

T CM is a collection of practices which originated from China over 2000 years ago. Each individual is diagnosed based on their unique symptoms in order to treat the root cause of the problem and to rebalance the self.

Dr. Alexandra Samson: Alexandra uses Ayurveda to re-balance your system. Ayurveda is the Science of Life, as well as the science of self healing. The practice relieves sickness to promote emotional, physical, psychological Well Being. Everyone is unique, and we need a life style, diet, and physical activity prescription for our particular needs and Dosha Type.

Alexandra will determine your Dosh (Vatta, Pitta, Kapha) and determine the best remedies to heal your ailments. It’s important to note, Ayuveda is more preventative then curative. Sickness is a consequence of our choices (bad food, bad harmony of mind/body). When you seek a daily routine with positive actions, you can cure yourself both mentally and physically. Alexandra helps you tap into your routine. She really believes the cure starts with you and your will power, and she is there to guide you along the way.


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