Being an active mom is not as easy as it sounds, you are always on-the-go; from being worried about your child’s timely meals to trying to scoop out some time for yourself from the hectic schedule, it all adds up to create a whizzing whirlpool. It is true for French women as it is true for the women worldwide. But, what if we told you that you can create a streamlined balance between your role as a mother and an individual by looking and most importantly, feeling fresh through the day? In the following section, we will be giving you with 5 tips that should make their ways into your beauty routine right now; given, you are an active mom.

  • Your shampoo routine

Considering the amount of pollution in the world outside, your hair cannot go without shampoo for more than two days; also, this is an indispensable arena of one’s hygiene too. What we recommend you is, to shift your bathing and cleansing routine to night, just before your bedtime. Once you have completed all your domestic and professional obligations, you will have enough time to focus on shampooing your hair. Another tip that you can try here is dry shampoo; this should not, however, be your go-to tip, but can be employed whenever in a hurry or you feel too tired to do anything. Simply spray the dry shampoo to your hair on one night and wake up with lustrous and bouncy hair on the next morning.

  • Use a brown mascara

Most people are often under the impression that the default color when it comes to picking mascara is black; but, whenever in a rush, it is the brown mascara that saves your day. According to beauty experts, if you have a comparatively lighter lash line, brown mascara would inevitably be your savior. We cannot steer away from acknowledging the crucial role that mascara plays in a woman’s life; even if you are not fully dressed or do not have the time to put the whole look together, using brown mascara will, without any haste, would make your eyes more appealing. For instance, you can find some beauty products ideas at

  • Capitalize on the day offs

We can understand how excruciating the entire week can turn out when you are an active mom; nevertheless, now that there is no way to slide away from your responsibilities, you must ensure that all the strands of your life remain unified. Capitalize on the weekends; you can go for long runs in the morning, pamper yourself with a beautiful manicure and pedicure in the parlor, indulge in some self-care and consume all the nutritional meals that you usually miss otherwise in a hurry.

  • SPF

If you’re continually tired and developing fine lines and aging signs on your skin then this is a perfect skincare tip for you. Because protecting yourself from sun can be a great alternative to slow down the process of skin aging. UV rays can add visible aging signs to your skin and can contribute to loosening skin, wrinkles and pigmentation. While, adding a thin sunscreen layer to your face every day.

  • Stay hydrated

When it comes to getting brighter and fresher skin then it is imperative to stay hydrated. Drink at least 8 glass of water and make it possible to get the best results with ease. Because intaking enough water will surely keep your skin hydrated and glowing.