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Even though nail polish is great and durable sometimes it chips or cracks. When it chips and cracks it is great to have something to remove it with. Also, if you have acrylic nails they look beautiful for some period of time but sometimes it is hard to take them off. Most women to remove them go back to the nail salon or they just rip them off with their teeth. But we have tree ways to remove your nail polish without having to leave you home.

Removing you nail polish is not that hard as we have nail polish remover to depend on. Nail polish remover is one of the best things they could have invented. To remove your nail polish you will need to get a cotton ball and dab it in the nail polish remover bottle. After you will rub it in your nails for a few seconds and it should come off. This is a really easy way to remove your nail polish.

What if you run out of nail polish remover? What will you do? If you are in a hurry and do not have time to go to the store we have and easy way to remove the nail polish. Just go ahead and grab a bottle of nail polish and apply a blob on your nail. Now with a paper tower rub it off with some pressure. You might need to do this twice depending on how many coat you applied. You will be amazed of how fast it comes off.

Now for the acrylic nails you will use a 100% acetone for acrylic nails. This acetone also works for gel nails.  I personally like the one you just dip your nails in. But if you have a bottle of 100% acetone, pour some on a cup and soak your nail in it for about 5 min.  They should come right off. You may need to take them off but it shouldn’t be difficult.

Nail polish is so great and helps you look special. With these easy tips you will find that it is great all around even the removing process is not that hard. Whether they are your nails or not you can remove them all at home without having to go to the nail salon. My most favorite acetone is the 100% acetone as they come right off.

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