Vintage with a hint of contradiction

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This first column is going to focus on a theme which is very dear to us; ‘vintage with a hint of contradiction’. What’s that you may ask? Well it’s all the yumminess of vintage – understated, elegant, graceful, natural, old and beautiful, however with a twist of contadiction – bits of personality threaded through which will surprise and delight your guests, those special details which will bring a smile to people’s faces and separate the ordinary and expected from the ex-traordinary.
colour Palette Vintage colours are very muted and charming, think duck egg blues, pinks,creams, greys, dusty beiges, etc. Then choose a colour as your twist ‘pop colour’, to give it that personality and uniqueness. The world is your oyster here – think neon, brights, rose golds, silver, etc.

Vintage allows you to have a wide range of flowers. Some say it needs to be restrained to more traditional roses and carnations. But we say, vintage is all about charm and with the twist you can throw in a special detail that will make your flowers pop.

Wedding Mark
We are big fans of creating a wedding mark – be it a word, a symbol or a phrase with or without an image. This is a great way to pull in the ‘twist’. How about woodland animals like owls, rabbits or deer, or if you just want wording, a phrase of your favourite song?”

Our advice is to keep the design clean, classic and simple and bring the twist in with how you package or print it. Kraft is a very popular option for a vintage look. Talk to your printer about what you want to achieve and you will be amazed what can be done!

Have a think about whats on your tables. Vintage is old and charming.Mix and match your plates, use your grandma’s vases or china. We suggest you work out your vintage look and then build in the twist element which will surprise your guests with the unexpected.

A backdrop to the bridal table is really important. It frames the wedding table and a lot of pictures will be taken of this special place. Choose a cool piece of fabric that gets hung flush with the back of the marquee.

How about hanging something from the ceiling such as pompoms made of tulle or paper in your colour palette. Try a teacup chandelier or ribbons in various shades of your colour palette. Hang them at varying heights to create a bit of visual interest

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