Gemstone rings- sapphire vs emerald

In this article we will take a look at the two of the more popular choices of stones used for jewelry, especially wedding rings. Especially the sapphire vs emerald will be discussed.

The sapphire

Sapphires are formed out of a mineral corundum, and although they are often considered blue, they are in fact also found in pink, orange, yellow and green variants. Not all colored corundum is called a sapphire. Red sapphires do not exist or are in fact called rubies. The most highly praised of all the sapphires is the blue one and the name itself means blue!

The emerald

Beryl is the mineral that forms emeralds. It also forms a variety of other, precious stones. Only the green colored beryl, the one containing an impurity in the form of chromium can be called an emerald. Various shades of green exist, ranging from blue-green to yellow-green. Generally, the greener the emerald, the more it costs.

Sapphire vs emerald

Sapphires and emeralds both have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The sapphire is much more durable than emeralds and also found in a variety of colors. As such it can be assumed that it is in general much cheaper than the emerald. Emeralds are not only rare, but less durable. This comes from the hardness of beryl itself, as well as the very common high number of inclusions, which mean that the stone is easier to break under stress. The emerald color is hard to substitute though!

Sapphires are often treated using heat, while the emeralds are usually treated with oil. Emeralds are very prone to flaws and impurities and oiling them is often done to enhance the color of the sapphire.

The sapphire is heat treated to improve clarity.

In short, a sapphire is the choice for gemstone rings, but if you need a green gem, then go with emerald!

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