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When I browse the internet I always find the strangest tutorials and walkthrough’s: how to do this, how to wear that. Fashion tutorials, car tutorials, speaking, you can find almost everything, just by typing a few words on Google or whatever do you use to search the web.  The fact is you could learn and even get a degree of knowledge about certain things just by watching people, how they do it. When you think about it is extraordinary, because you can’t learn in school certain things or you’re just interested in something else.

In one of my searches I found something very interesting, I bet all of you know about winged eyeliner, well I always found it very fascinating, the way it makes your eyes stand out, it’s extraordinary.  So my unruly curiosity made me watch a tutorial about how it’s done. I found it quite illuminating, the way the girl in the video transformed just before my eyes. All kinds of eye liner have something special, which brings out your best feature. You just have to find the right one for you, depending on your face type, eyes, eyebrows even your hair, with the right eyeliner you can really stand out. You noticed I stopped to talk about winged eyeliner, I just find it so interesting. This girl in the video was just perfect for that kind of makeup. Plus she was very educational. I learned a lot of things like it’s better to put some foundation before applying the eyeliner, also the best one to use is liquid and if you don’t have that you should  try gel.  By the end of the video she became a totally different person. I think all makeup is important but if you have a great skin, you don’t need foundation, all you need is some eyeliner and you are golden.

The women obsession with makeup is reasonable, I think you must do whatever it takes to make yourself feel beautiful because went you do you are much more confident and have a different view on the world around you. I bet all of you had a day when you didn’t feel very attractive and the whole day seemed like it couldn’t end fast enough. But how about the opposite, when you feel beautiful and vibrant, it’s like the whole world is at your feet. Everybody needs to feel appreciated and it’s even better when you feel good about yourself.

Whenever you are home and you have some time, spend a few minutes in the mirror, just for yourself, and find out what makeup is better for you, witch foundation, eyeliner or hairstyle is good for you. Explore your features and bring the best ones in focus, you will see how you feel then. Just try to get the best out of your skin, eyes, hair and everything that makes you feel good about yourself and you will see that you will be a different person, inside and out.


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