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I’ve noticed that many of you would like to know how to make your eyeliner last all day, so it doesn’t run or lie. Ironically I’ve decided to write about this just now when one of my tips gave up on me. I have some allergies and my eyes are shedding. Anyway here are some tips that I hope will help you keep an eyeliner makeup perfect all day:

  • Use primer! I’m sure you already knew that you should use primer before eyeliner, but this is an important step to mention. If you are anything like me you will make-up your eyes and after that your face, leaving the eyeliner at the end. If you do that you might forget about the primer.
  • Use waterproof eyeliner! It’s important to use waterproof eyeliner for it to last all day, because you never know when your eyes could start shedding. A breeze, a speck of dust anything can make that happen so you have to be ready.
  • When applying the eyeliner do not pull on the skin! That may cause wrinkles for one thing and the eyeliner will shrink and stretch during the day, try applying it using short moves. By using short moves you will spread it better and that will keep the eyeliner from smudging.
  • Spread the eyeliner with a brush! This way you will avoid smudges and drips. You can use any stiff brush. I use the Sephora Smudge Brush No14
  • Apply blush over the eyeliner! This way the color will be more intense but more importantly it will make it last all day.
  • Apply powder right under the eyeliner! That way you will form a sort of barrier right under your eye. It will prevent the eyeliner to drip or spread. For the more it will absorb moist.
  • Use waterproof mascara! For your bottom eyelash apply a lair of water proof mascara. That will stabilize your eyeliner even more making it last all day.

The eyeliner should be applied on dry surface in order to last longer, so it’s necessary to use caution with concealer and foundation and let them dry. You also have several choices of products that will make it last longer wile moisturizing this sensitive area. The consistency of the eyeliner should be soft enough to easily be applied but solid enough to last.

The choice of the eyeliner is very important. You can never go wrong with a known brand, and don’t get cheap, is better to buy an expensive eyeliner that lasts all day than, a cheap one that lasts you a few hours. If you are not sure about a product just search it on the web.

These are basically the steps to make eyeliner last all day. You have to be careful when you use these steps to have the right type of eyeliner, mascara, everything has to work in order to get the perfect makeup.  Hope this was helpful

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