The only Salon POS Software Beauty Salons Need to Consider

Technology has not only changed the way we live, businesses have also greatly benefitted from the advancements in technology and owners of beauty salons can smile as they look to reap the benefits of technological advancement with the advent of the Vend’s salon POS software. This salon pos software is largely described as the only software that every salon should have.

Vend is more than a salon point of sale solution has it effectively covers virtually every part of the business, ensuring more effective operations and management of clients. Salons usually struggle to handle their clients especially when it comes to booking appointment. With Vend however, this problem is effectively tackled as it ensures that your customers do not have to wait too long on queues or even worse, miss an appointment with your client.


Customer satisfaction is pivotal to the success of every business and with the fierce competition in this business, it is important for salon businesses to always ensure their customers are satisfied and with Vend helping to streamline the checkout process and ease of making payments, customer satisfaction is not only guaranteed, the business is also able to make more sales.

The ease of making payments by customers and the provision of different payment solutions by Vend, ensure the business can sell even more products with relative ease. This is particularly true as virtually all forms of payments are accepted.

For big salons that often find it difficult to manage the information of their client, this cloud-based software is the ultimate solution, helping you manage client information and also integrating your calendar and appointments into the software calendar. This means that you never get to miss an appointment and your customer are guaranteed timely and prompt service delivery.

The software is compatible with all devices and the ease of using the software means that anyone can use it, regardless of their knowledge of computer.

There is a 30 day free trial for owners of salon and the 7 easy steps using the software can be seen on Vend.

Owning and operating a salon has not been this rewarding and effective in a long time, thanks to Vend.

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