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Rimmel, London has rocked the swatches new shades range with Kate Moss as their brand ambassador. The brand appeared in the showcase for the public on October 2011. The color range includes four decent and equally elegant and lady lips shades. The #01 is Kate Moss red, which is much too populated by her in the advertisements of the brand, the #02 is popular sheer pink color, #03 Nude skin color and #04 deep purple.

These are eight (most popular) color ranges for the lipstick and they have shaken the lipstick market both in celebrity and community level. Rimmel offer an offradable price for the Kate Moss tagged lipstick which is very much agreeable if you look inside the lipstick. Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick is the only brand of year which gives enough for only matte lipstick. If you just try swatches on your arm you will find pigmentation in the lipstick which hints about the permanence of their application. The pigmentation in the swatches provides a through opaqueness to the lips. The stiff color appearance alleviates the need o f a concealer and liberates a good trimmed looks for the users.

Apply a swatch of the Rimmel Kate Moss lip stick and let it stay for a day, you will find a wonderful smoothness till the end, the pigmentation do not melts on the body temperature and hence do not melts out of the lip boundaries. The swatch result also reveals that Kate Moss lip sticks are as good for day light as they are for the lime light. The pigmentation shines upon the exposure to high intensity light while remains dull in the shade. Try the swatches of all of the shades of Kate Moss lip stick you will not find any proximity in the shades.

One of the best fact about Kate Moss lipstick that it will not remove off the dried lips as most of the lipstick do in the winter season, Kate Moss lipstick shades are introduced in the winter and prevents the face of extremely try lips. Those who do not like lip gloss being too fancy, have the best solution in Kate Moss swatch to decorate their lips by lucid looking lips without extra expenditure on concealer, lip gloss or the glitter. If you want to rock the year wear Kate Moss on your lips and don’t fear the fall.

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