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revlon candy apple lip butter

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If you are not aware, then be informed that there are new Revlon Lip Butter swatches with a great collection of colors for every make up enthusiast. Popularly known as the Colorburst Lip Butter, these innovations from Revlon are certainly worth a try. Unlike the regular lipstick making rounds in the market, these cosmetic accessories are well packed in an attractive case and are balm-like causing a moisturizing sensation on the lips and a sparkling gloss as well. The bold color that Revlon lipsticks are known for is maintained and the variety is even bigger. You could choose from the pale shades to neutral shades that match with every dress color and skin tone, as well as the more bold red and coral shades.

Whatever your choice of Revlon Lip Butter, you will surely love the experience and make these products your brand of choice. Each Revlon Colorbust Lip Butter is well packed in the normal lipstick tube, but with a translucent quilted pattern to offer you an idea of what you are certain of getting. Therefore, you will not be duped into purchasing a color that you do not like, as is the case with most lipsticks from rogue dealers. Whether you go for the Pink Truffle, the Fig Jam, Titti Frutti, Sugar Frosting, Peach Parfait, Raspberry Pie or Brown Sugar, the experience will just be amazing. Other popular choices of the Revlon Lip Butter include; the Candy Apple, Gumdrop, Berry Smoothie, Red Velvet, Creamsicle, Cotton Candy and the Cupcake.

Although there are some people who have complained of the high introductory prices, they need not complain much because these Revlon Lip Butter swatches are long lasting and their creamy and buttery layer is quite appealing. Similarly, there have also been concerns about the shimmer with some of the shades, but this is not a major fault as the shimmer is quite subtle. The advantages of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter swatches far outweigh the shortcoming that may be highlighted. Firstly, creamy formula of this lipstick is quite smooth and keeps the lips glossy and hydrated. Even for the dense cream finish, the balm is light and you will never feel any drying on your lips.

If you want a sheer appearance of any particular shade, you could apply the Revlon Lip Butter faintly and still get great results. Unlike other lipsticks that come in chocking scents, these lip butter swatches are unscented and have no waxy-lanolin smell. You will never be duped into purchasing a color which is not of your choice with Revlon Lip Butter, thanks to the color matching package of each tube. For maximum safety, Revlon products come with safety seals to ensure that you do not risk using a contaminated product. Better still, these products have no chemicals that could cause irritation on the lips or stomach upsets. The only genuine improvement would be coming up with some scents to match the attractive names that come with these products. For example, the Strawberry Shortcake could come in a strawberry scent that will make the Revlon Lip Butter even more attractive.

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