The benefits of IPL technology?

Treatments like Shaving, waxing, electrolysis can be very painfull an cumbersome, and they can lead to alot of dinscomfor and many other provblems like skin irritations.

Waxing and elextrolysis can be very paninfull for some people in particular. Not many can accept the reapeaten procedures of this treatments, thats why it can be limited expirience and the result is bad for the business of the salons and it can have adverse effects on humans.

Thats is why alot of professionals highly recommend IPL – intense pulsed light technology treatments. They are significantly better, they are more confortable and there is no skin irritation whatsoever. The skin of the patients, home users etc. is cooled by the hand piece, which keeprs surface of the skin very confortable through the procedures. Not just that it is also “permanent”. If used right people get the best results out of it. The Insense light IPL, has specific fast waves of light, that heats the surface bellow the skin, and it compromises the hair and bodys ability to regrow the hair that was treated. Long and permanent results, with no irritations and pain. Home products like Remington IPL6000, are used few times, but you see alredy the results 2 weeks after the treatment with Remington product. You just have to repeat the process to get a lasting and permanent result. The IPL`s 6000 i-light technology hand pieces enable fast and effective treatment, with no discomfort or post treatment pain.

The IPL systems (also known as sistema luce pulsata) are for men, women and children..for anyone. You can epilate legs, groin, stomach, chest, back, underarms, arms. Some special protection is advised if you are using the system around the eyes. These new home systems are so advanced that you can do it easily at your own home. Ussualy you have to shave the treated area and then start using the pulsed light. You can epilate your legs in less than 30minutes. After the tratments you can still shave how many times you want.

IPL systems also scan you skin tone and hair color and are different for each one of them. Some hair might neeed more treatments that others but they can be effective on all of them.

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