Guerlain l’instant magic

Beauty Spin is an innovative online beauty store that features many of the latest brands in cosmetics and fragrances. Featuring brands such as Bare Minerals, Christian Dior, Escada and lots more you won’t fail to find the product you desire. So what do you fancy getting to update your beauty collection? Perhaps you need a new perfume as you’re getting bored of your old scent. Beauty Spin has a great range of perfumes available but here are some of the best.

Guerlain L’Instant Magic is an enchanting perfume that stimulates all your senses with a French elegance that makes you think you’re in Paris. Guerlain L’Instant Magic is perfect for women who love to be in the spotlight, yet at the same time remain mysterious and alluring. L’Instant Magic contains sweet floral tones with distinctive almond undertones to balance the sweetness of the perfume out by providing it with a bitter hazelnut tinge. L’Instant Magic has a base that is formed with sandalwood, cedar and musk.


Guerlain perfume L’Instant Magic has a lovely glass bottle that is made of pure glass which gives it an elegant touch. This is one Guerlain perfume that you won’t want to miss. So even if you don’t normally choose Guerlain fragrances you might want to give the Guerlain range a try just to experience the charm of Guerlain L’Instant Magic.

So if you don’t fancy buying a new fragrance for yourself and you want a special gift for the man in your life then Beauty Spin have a wide range of aftershaves available.

One of the top features in the range is Chanel Bleu de Chanel, an aftershave that really stands out. Chanel Bleu De Chanel comes in a range of formats including a Bleu De Chanel parfum, eau de toilette and deodorant so there is a product to suit all budgets. The aftershave is very masculine and has an aromatic woody fragrance with a captivating centre. It is a fragrance that is timeless forever housed in an enigmatic blue bottle. For the best experience you should spray it on your skin and clothes so the scent engulfs you. So whether you want the Bleu De Chanel Parfum or Toilette you will get a different experience which is suitable for a number of different occasions. For example Bleu by Chanel Toilette is lighter then the Bleu by Chanel Parufm. It features top notes such as pepper, citrus fruit and mint with middle notes of grapefruit, carrot, jasmine and vativer. The top and middle notes are balanced out by the base notes including sandalwood, patchouli and ginger.

So whether you have been enticed by these fragrances or you still want to explore, Beauty Spin has many options open to you. With a great range of prices you won’t be left out of pocket whether you’ve got money to splurge or just a little saved for a pick me up treat.

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