Tattoo care should never be neglected

Getting a tattoo is a very important step in your life. Tattoos are getting more and more fans around the world and more people wish to decorate their skin in such a way. Besides the fact that it looks cool this is also a good way to send a message to the world about yourself, the people or things that you love. What matters most is that you put your trust into a professional tattoo studio.
After you choose your design and the tattoo artists is done with the work what comes next is tattoo care and that is entirely your responsibility.

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Want to Look Like a Celebrity? Get the Best Hair Extensions Like Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair!

There are many reasons why women use clip in hair extensions and other kinds of hair extensions available in the market. One of these is that it’s only temporary. For others, hair extensions are like a treat to be worn during special occasions while for some, they’re a daily necessity. What is good about hair extensions in comparison to sewn or glued to pieces is that you have full control over your locks, which means you could just clip them in and style in any way you want.

There are some benefits of using clip in hair extensions and these include:

  • Low Maintenance – If you are searching for an easy and quick, low maintenance hair enhancer, you will never go wrong with the clip in hair extensions. When compared to glued or sewn in hair extensions that require hairdressers to put them and take them out, the clip ins can be completely fitted by yourself. All you have to do is to clip in, style, tease, and you are good to go.

  • Dream Hairstyles – Everybody has his or her ideal head of hair and the clip in hair extensions are ideal to help you reach your dream hairstyles. Once you dream of your favorite celebrity, you can buy a full set to replicate the look. But, no matter what your preferred hairstyle is, clip in hair extensions will help you achieve that in no time.

There are different clip in hair extensions you can find in today’s market. If you’re planning to buy one, you might want to consider Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair.

Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair: Your Best Option for Hair Extensions

Unlike others, Clipo!™ Hottie® Hair is an all new concept made by CryStyle, which is the founder of Hottie Hair. It merges 2 of the most loved kinds of hair extensions, which are Halo Style and Clip In Hair Extensions, making a unique three-piece set that you will surely love. Usually, the complete set of clip in hair extensions come in 7-11 piece, which can offer you an excellent coverage around your head, providing them popularity. Considering the time it takes to install the Halo Style and Clip in hair extensions came about and provided women a simple and quick way to add volume and length in seconds. But, a set lacks the framing pieces for the face, which a full head hair extension offers. Read more »

Buy Quality Shampoo and Conditioner for Hair Loss – Learn the Truth Behind Hair Loss

Hair loss is currently one of the biggest problems that more and more people are dealing with these days. But, do you even know the top reasons why a lot of people are experiencing this condition in the first place?

For you to take proper action and buy the highest quality shampoo and conditioner for hair loss, you have to be familiar with the main causes behind this unsightly problem.

  • When you always comb your hair when it is still wet after washing it, this can pull out some of the hair from the roots. Make sure that you avoid combing your wet hair. What you should do instead is rub a towel on your hair until it becomes slightly damp. It will reduce the risks of damaging your hair.

  • It is important to know when exactly your hair needs some washing since it often appears oily by then. This is because your hair picks up particles of dirt and grit from the environment.

  • If you are using a hair dryer, it can lead to the appearance of split ends, not to mention that it can also make your hair lose its natural shine.

  • Washing your hair frequently even when it doesn’t need it can make your hair look limp and dull. It is because your hair loses some nutrients in it every time you wash it. In turn, this can promote the thinning process and ultimately lead to hair loss.

  • Taking medications or recently undergoing an operation can also have an impact on your hair. These two can both cause chemical poisoning of body organisms, including micro elements, minerals, and vitamins E, D, C, B, and A in your body. One thing you can do to address this issue is to drink lots of freshly squeezed juices from fruits. It will also be of big help if you can add vegetable juices such as cucumber and carrot to your diet. Natural treatments for hair loss with herbal remedies can also prevent hair loss and balding.

  • It is extremely important that you use only the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for hair loss for your specific hair type. Purchasing branded and the most expensive shampoos and conditioners don’t necessarily mean that you are already using the best.

  • When you lack the right levels of vitamins and iron in your system, hair loss can also take place. To counteract it, make sure that you eat foods rich in iron. Add lots of fish, nuts, and salads to your diet to naturally reintroduce vitamins E and A to your system. It will not only prevent hair loss because it can also strengthen your hair strands.

  • Perming or coloring your hair on a frequent basis can cause hair damages as well. If in case you cannot avoid going through these processes, make sure that you give your hair the nourishment it needs.

  • Consuming too much sugar or salt can be a problem as well when you deal with hair loss.

Natural Face Creams – Earth Inspired Ingredients That Do Not Harm Your Health

A natural face moisturiser is what everyone is looking for now a days. It’s definitely the newest fad in skin care, and to be honest, I don’t see it going away any time soon. What’s so appealing about an all natural face cream is the fact that there is no chemicals or toxins used in the product. The only way a natural face cream can harm your health is if you are allergic to one of the ingredients in the cream.

In many face creams that are not natural, people experience allergic reactions or rashes from the chemicals and toxins that make up the fragrance of the cream. Parabens are often used to extend the shelf life of face creams, but they can mess with your endocrine system and also cause allergic reaction. Now, there are natural substitutes that can be used to prolong the shelf life of face creams besides parabens.

iooi all natural moisturiser does not contain parabens.

Alcohols are also often used in face creams. However, they are very dry and irritating to the skin. They strip away the skin’s natural acid mantle and make your body prone to more bacteria, viruses, and molds. Mineral oils are another common ingredient in face creams because they are so cheap! But, they prevent the skin from breathing by clogging your pores, making it near impossible to clear out the harmful toxins in your body.

Iooi all natural moisturiser does not contain alcohols.

So as people become more and more aware of all natural ingredients and products, more companies are hopping on the bandwagon and providing consumers with all-natural products they can feel comfortable using. And I don’t blame them, because with an all natural face cream, there’s no worries about whether the product is harmful to your health (besides if your allergic to any of the ingredients).

I have been looking for the perfect all natural face cream for the last half a year. I’ve read thousands of articles, visited hundreds of different product websites and forums, and even chatted with one or two professional skin care doctors. It was a long journey, and even stressful at times, but I finally found a product that met all of my requirements.

iooi all natural face moisturiser is that product!

Besides being all natural, the perfect face cream had to meet three major requirements: 1) It had to include high quality ‘natural’ ingredients, 2) It had to prevent hyaluronic acid destruction, and 3) It had to defend against free radicals.

And now that I found a natural face cream that meets all my requirements (and actually produced results I desired), I couldn’t be happier. It’s such a relief to have found an all natural product that works for me. I guess all the time and effort put into research paid off, and it was definitely worth it. So because I learned so much through my research on different face creams, I know iooi is the all natural product to use.

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Moisturizer

If you think all moisturizers are made the same way, you are mistaken. As a matter of fact, every moisturizing cream have a different smell, feel and set of benefits. Therefore, you may want to find out which one is best suited for your skin. Choosing the best one require a good deal of research. Given below are a few tips that can help you look for the right one.

1. Skin Type

First of all, it is important that you consider your skin type. You may want to find out if your skin is oily, dry, normal or a combo of different skin types. You can’t just go for any product out there if your skin is overly sensitive or prone to acne.

Make sure you know your skin type to choose the best product. Actually, each product is meant for a specific type of skin.

2. Texture

Based on your skin type, make sure you go for the right texture. If you have a normal skin, you may want to choose a non-greasy, light moisturizer. On the other hand, if you have a dry skin, we suggest that you opt for a creamier formula, which will retain moisture. Make sure you take into account the product texture as well as its feel on your skin once applied.

3. Scent

It’s a good idea to go for a product that emits good scent. In order to find one that has pleasant scent, we suggest that you shop at a store that allows you to try the samples of each product. You can open each container to get a whiff.

Here it is important to note that if you have a acne-prone skin, you may not want to opt for a scented moisturizer or perfume. It may not be a good choice for you.

4. SPF

If you use sunscreen on a daily basis, you know that this product is essential to maintain your skincare routine. As a matter of fact, the best protection against the UV rays of the sun is sunscreen. This is why you can benefit from a moisturizer. It’s a good idea to get your hands on a product that has an SPF 15 at least. It should be applied on a daily basis.

5. Read Labels

The labels on these products may not be intelligible, but if you ready closely, you can learn a lot of things. It’s a good idea to choose a product that has the terms “non-comedogenic” or “allergy tested” on its label. These solutions will be less likely to irritate your skin. If you have never tried a product before, you may want to buy this type first. Read more »

How To Find The Best Massage Therapist London UK

From relieving physical pain from conditions like Fibromyalgia to emotional ones like anxiety, there are many benefits to enjoy from regularly engaging in massage therapy sessions. Naturally, there are lots of different types of massage therapy that you can participate in and benefit from. Whatever your preferred kind of massage therapy, there is a massage therapist that is perfect for you. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you find the best massage therapist London UK.

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Information about Precancerous skin lesions

When you notice the appearance of a spot on your leg, which was not there before, you need to rush to the office of the dermatologist in order to figure out what that is. When your dermatologist examines this spot, he would tell you that it is a precancerous skin lesion.

What exactly is a precancerous skin lesion? Is it something that you need to worry about? Do you want to go through immediate treatments to get rid of this spot?

As per the dermatologists, precancerous skin lesion can be considered as a change that can take place in some parts of your skin. These changes are associated with the risk of being transformed into a skin cancer. Therefore, a precancerous skin lesion can simply be defined as a preliminary stage of a cancer. However, it is important to keep in mind that all the precancerous skin lesions are not in a position to be converted into cancers.

When you get precancerous skin lesions on your skin, you don’t need to worry about anything because your skin doctor offers proactive treatments for the patients who are affected by them. As a result, you will get the opportunity to remove the lesion from your skin, before it gets transformed into a cancer.

The precancerous skin lesions can be sub-divided into many different categories. The most prominent categories out of them include:

  • Actinic Keratosis – Actinic Keratosis can be considered as the most common type of precancerous skin lesion that can be found among people. These lesions can appear in all parts of the body, especially in the areas that are exposed to sun. They look like flesh or red colored scaly areas. However, some actinic keratosis can look like warts as well. The surface of the lesion would feel dry and rough.
  • Moles – Moles is another common type of a precancerous skin lesion that can be found out there among people. These moles start as skin growths. However, they are in a position to develop as cancers along with time. In case if you see any moles in your skin, which change the color along with time, it is important to rush to the dermatologist. Sometimes, you may see more than one mole. This can increase the risk of developing cancers.
  • Actinic Chelitis – Actinic Chelitis is a type of a precancerous skin lesion that is almost similar to actinic keratosis. However, they appear on your lips as scaly patches. With these precancerous skin lesions, you would continuously have to deal with the frustration associated with chapped and cracked lips. Dry patches would also appear on your skin. When you notice these changes on your skin, you should get in touch with the dermatologist and discuss about the issue.
  • Cutaneous horns – Cutaneous horns is a type of a precancerous skin lesion, which is associated with the highest risk of being developed into a cancer. These lesions resemble a horn and can commonly be found among people who have fairer skin.

Can CBD help you with your skin care regimen?

Are you struggling hard to make your skin look good? Then you can take a look at CBD. From various studies, it has been identified that CBD is in a position to provide an excellent assistance for the individuals who are trying to keep up with their skin care regimen. Whether you are dealing with eczema or acne, CBD would be one of the best options available for you to try. It can bring better results to you than over the counter face washes and creams.

The elements that can be found in cannabis are responsible for delivering amazing skin care capabilities to CBD. Cannabis is well known for the anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it would be possible for you to find omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids in hemp seed oil. They are in a position to provide protection to your skin again sun damage. In addition, your skin will be moisturized as well.

When it comes to skin care products, topicals play a major role. This has increased the popularity of CBD oil, which is derived from hemp oil. The cosmetic industry has recently discovered all the benefits that are linked with CBD. As a result, you can see a lot of products that contain CBD as an active ingredient being released into the market. The popularity of CBD skin care products is increasing on a daily basis as well.

Simple nutrition can be considered as one of the most overlooked factors related to healthy skin. Skin is the largest organ in your body and it is important for you to provide the right minerals and vitamins into your skin in order to make them function at peak levels. CBD based skin care products have the ability to introduce a variety of fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins into your skin. As a result, you will be provided with the ability to maintain a healthy skin. For example, Vitamin A and Vitamin D offered by CBD would help you with skin repairing. This will assist you to stay away from a variety of frustrating conditions associated with your skin, such as flaky skin and dry skin.

CBD is also in a position to help you stay away from the negative effects associated with premature aging. This fact has been verified from a research that was conducted by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology back in 2010. With CBD, you will be able to discard the dead cells in your skin and promote the growth of new cells. This can results in a youthful skin at the end of the day.

Last but not least, CBD can also be considered as one of the most powerful antioxidants. As a result, it is in a position to provide enhanced protection to your skin against environmental pollutants, smoke, UV rays and free radicals. Therefore, you can think about making CBD a part of your skin care regimen without thinking twice.

Makeup For Men Tips For Headshots

Despite what modern cosmetics ads may want us to believe, men are wearing makeup and are damn proud of it. A little makeup can go a long way toward accentuating your best features and hiding flaws. Too much makeup, though, and you risk looking “made-up”. The key to applying your makeup is striking the balance between how much you use and where you use it. The following seven makeup tips, tricks and hacks go out to all the guys who know their liner from their stick, and to all those who are just starting out.

DIFFERIO, New York menswear online shopping store doesn’t sell only trendy mens clothing, but it has the largest variety of mens makeup products designed to make every man feel more confident in his own skin. From darkening eyes to sharpening jawlines, men’s makeup not only perfects your complexion, but also enhances your most masculine features. Our makeup for men features the essentials for achieving a flawless face with a natural finish. Browse our professional men makeup collection of foundation for men, manscara, concealer for men, guyliner, and much more. Our male makeup tools are quick and easy to use for the most practical application. Now you can easily make mens makeup an indispensable part of your morning routine without anyone discovering your secret.

Start with a clean face.

Do your regular skincare regimen, or follow these tips:

  • Exfoliate. Wash your face with a gentle exfoliant, and rub slowly in a circular motion with warm water to remove dead skin cells. Rinse and pat (don’t rub) dry with a towel.
  • Moisturize. Apply moisturizer with a sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or higher to your face and neck. Allow the moisturizer to absorb into your skin before proceeding to the next step.
  • Wet a cosmetic pad or cotton ball with toner, and pat it lightly on your skin. Toner is meant to restore the skin to its natural pH level and remove any remaining dirt or dry skin cells.
  • Note that if you’re going to do this step, it’s best to be clean-shaven – little bits of makeup will really stick out on stubble.

1. How to contour properly.

Contouring and highlighting are two crafty techniques that can enhance your best features. They can define your cheekbones, even out your skin, give you a natural glow and even create the illusion of a slimmer nose. Fair warning: when done wrong, the results can be downright disastrous. Luckily, makeup expert Wayne Goss, best known for his useful makeup tutorials on looking “flawless, not fake,” has created this helpful how-to video on mastering the art of contouring and highlighting.

2. How to conceal under-eye circles and redness.

Numerous late nights, hard liquor and genetics catching up to you? Reducing dark circles and “bags” is as easy as 1-2-3. The quick fix is to apply concealer and blend away. YouTuber Runjacerun goes through the specifics in this step-by-step video. When you’re shopping for concealer, test it on the veins on your inner wrist, and buy the one that covers them the most naturally. Here’s how to apply it to your face:

  • Hide dark circles. Using small strokes, apply concealer under your lower lashes and between the inner corner of your eyes and your nose. Let it dry halfway, then use your fingers to rub it in.

  • Conceal blemishes by going around the base of the blemish in small strokes, then covering the top. Make sure the edges are blended well.

Concealer for Men by NU Makeup. No one will know your spotless skin secret with this concealer for men. This concealer stick is small, but unbelievably mighty. Developed with an exclusive cream-to-powder formula that applies like a smooth cream with the natural finish of a powder. Apply concealer for men on desired areas of the face to hide scars, acne, wrinkles, and other imperfections. Sleek stick applicator for quick and easy application specifically designed to conceal on men’s skin. Concealer for men will keep you looking flawless from cheek to cheek. Available in 3 shades.

3. How to fake a thicker beard.

In less than three minutes, fashion vlogger Colin Jay explains how to turn a thin, patchy beard into a fuller, darker one. The trick? NYX eyebrow cake powder. The technique is ideal for covering up shaving mistakes or areas that are sparse on your face.

4. How to trim, shape and groom eyebrows.

To help your brows look their best, you’ll need three things: a good pair of tweezers, brow pencil and brow gel. Vlogger Jake-Jamie Ward, a.k.a the Beauty Boy, explains how to achieve the perfect brow shape and how to correctly use brow pencils and brow gels. Pro tip: pluck with discretion.

5. How to apply guyliner.

From Johnny Depp to Jared Leto, we’ve seen several male celebs rockin’ guyliner. To recreate, you’ll need black eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. In a few simple steps, English makeup artist Wayne Goss discusses how to perfect the look.

Waterproof Guyliner by NU Makeup. Achieve bold, smoldering eyes with the definition of black guyliner. Liquid eyeliner for men is sweeping the nation as the new rugged-man eye accessory. Features professional waterproof formula for long lasting and smudge proof liquid eye makeup. Guyliner pen designed with felt tip applicator that easily glides on skin for quick glide-and-go application. Fine precision tip offers incredibly smooth lines with a highly pigmented finish. For a subtle look, carefully rim liner close to lash line or waterline. Enhance your eyes to their fullest potential with the ease of longwear guyliner.

6.How to use foundation

Apply liquid base foundation (optional). If you have a lot of area to cover, find a liquid foundation that’s as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Use your fingers or a cosmetic sponge to apply a light layer all over your face.

Liquid Foundation for Men by NU Makeup. Give your skin the ultimate radiant finish with liquid foundation for men. Featuring a lightweight, non-comedogenic foundation that provides maximum coverage for blemishes and imperfections. Formulated with the benefits of vitamins and antioxidants ideal for sensitive skin. Liquid foundation for men easily blends into skin while hydrating for a super smooth finish. For best results, apply foundation with makeup blender or brush, and blend well into skin. Look instantly rejuvenated with liquid foundation for men for a naturally flawless complexion. Available in 4 colors. Read more »


A common complaint of beauty salon patrons is the inability to maintain their hairstyles. After hearing customers complain for over a decade about the same issue, cosmetologist Tamikia Samuels-McKiver and business expert Judith Marie Jamison decided to take action! Joining forces, these innovative Greensboro, North Carolina natives invented Silky Curls – a patent pending product, designed to create long-lasting, spiral curls and deep waves without damage.

“As a dedicated cosmetology instructor and hair solon owner, I pride myself in the practice of grooming healthy hair. Through my experience I’ve learned the use of excessive heat is by far the #1 root cause of hair breakage amongst African American women. In order to maintain stylish hair between salon visits, many women believe curling irons and flat irons are a must. That’s no longer true! My partner and I invented Silky Curls to help women sustain salon prefect curls, without heat or damage,” states Tamikia Samuels-McKiver, a licensed cosmetologist and the owner of “Center of Attention Hair Salon” in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Silky Curls’ unique patent consists of a flexible rod outlines in delicate silk fibers, specially designed to alleviate prints, creases and snagging, commonly encountered by traditional roller usage. In addition, the custom made rods are easy to use and comfortable to sleep in. Eliminating the need for excessive heat, the Silky Curls brand has been praised by consumers across the world for producing long-lasting, luxurious curls that promote healthy hair growth. With a proven track record for reducing hair breakage, the Silky Curls brand has become a leader in the African American hair & beauty industry. This invention is a bonafide solution for maintaining salon perfect curls with easy usage!

For more information about Silky Curls or to see a demonstration, please visit Or, to purchase Silky Curls products visit today!

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