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Moisturizer for men is a care product which is highly underappreciated. Most man don’t use this product some because they think they don’t need it others because it effeminate. It seems it goes against the principles of being a man. But actually they need it just as much as women do.

The skin, sometimes needs special care, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Climate changes, wind, water everything from dust to the sun affects the epidermis, mostly drying it. So what can we do about it? Well the first thing we can do is use moisturizer and other skin products that help protect. Here are some tips to keep your skin healthy:

  • Clean it! The most important thing you can do for your skin is clean it daily. When I say clean I don’t mean just washing your face with soap and water because that can dry the skin. Use makeup removal for deep pores cleansing. If you don’t clean it every day, because of dust and impurities the pores will plugged which can lead to acne. You can use a special makeup cleaner for men.
  • Scrub it!  By using makeup removal you will only clean the surface of the skin, but by scrubbing you get rid of the dead cells. This leaves the skin smother, and you will get les under- skin hairs that appear by shaving often.
  • Nutrition! Skin nutrition is very important because with time the skin will lose elasticity and that will lead to wrinkles. In winter is recommended a thick moisturizing cream, when in summer you can use a lighter one.
  • The eye area! Men usually forget about thanking care of this part of the face. Once wrinkles in the eye area they don’t go away but they will become deeper with time. This is why is best if you attend to this area so wrinkles can be delayed. In most pharmacies you will find on the man care aisle products especially for this area.
  •  Lip Care! In this area the skin is very thin and it can easily   dry up. The sun, cold, wind, these are the factors that lead to dry or worse chapped lips. For lip protection you can use lip balm or special moisturizer. Bee honey can be an ingredient that can cure dry lips. You put a thin lair of honey on your lips and leave it for 15-20 minutes, after that wash them with lots of water. For getting rid of dead cells on the lips use a new tooth brush and massage your lips gently.

If you always keep your skin clean and healthy and tend to it regularly all your efforts will be rewarded. You will look younger and healthier, and best off al everybody will notice it.

All men should remember that skin products are not just for women, and if you care about yourself you will care about your skin. Hope this was helpful.

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