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Celebrity is hard to cope with but some people find it natural and easy. You see so many washed- up celebrities that have or had a lot of money, and don’t know what to do with it. Using drugs and getting into scandals that you may get to think that being famous is synonym to being a scandal magnet.

Some celebrities take good care of them and are respected for many years; you don’t hear anything bad about these people. On the other hand maybe they don’t need scandals to get other people’s attention. All they need to do is just being there doing what they are supposed to do.

Take Josie Maran for example, she’s beautiful, a great model and has her own line of cosmetics products. All that because she worked hard all the time. She didn’t need any scandal to get people’s attention! Her line of cosmetics is used by women across the world and had excellent reviews. Josie Maran Cosmetics were launched in June 2007 as a natural cosmetics product line. From then it grows in to the great collection of cosmetics that we all know. Beyond business activities she commits herself to protect the nature and improve the environment. Joise Maran played a few parts in movies seven to be exact plus the Need for Speed: Most Wanted game.

Most of her products are made with Aragan Oil which moisturizes the skin and gives it a unique look. However they are not recommended for greasy skin. Her face cream’s and moisturizers are world renowned for their ability to get the skin to look perfect. The aragan oil is extracted from the aragan tree growing in Morocco. It has many applicability’s, from cooking to cosmetics. The texture of the moisturizer is incredible and the oil only makes it better. Not all the reviews are positive some of the girls had problems because they had greasy skin when and putting moisturizer with aragan oil on a greasy skin you will get acne. So before you rush into something I recommend you to consult with a dermatologist. That is if you want to be sure, you don’t want to throw money down the toilet. A moisturizer with aragan oil is not the cheapest, but if you got dry skin it will make you look fabulous and protect your skin keeping it moist. Any woman wants to look her best, and if you can protect your skin while doing it is even better. Personally I would give all Josie Maran products a five star rating. They are that great, but I would read all the Josie Maran moisturizing reviews or any other reviews and still not be convinced until I tried them. If you are like me just try them, you will not be disappointed.

So the bottom line is if you work hard, loving what you do you will become the best. It is not that hard. All it needs is a lot of work and dedication.

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