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“Nature gave you the face you have at twenty, Life shapes you the face you have at 30, but at 50 you get the face that you deserve.” Coco Chanel

Although you need all the necessary steps to maintain your skin health (makeup removal, toning), using a moisturizing cream is mandatory to any skin type, at any age. Regardless of dry, mixed greasy or mature skin, you will find products especially for your needs. If you have dry skins choose a moisturizing that contains emollient agents. For mixed skin is better if you will use a gel moisturizer or a light lotion and for greasy skin a moisturizing-balancing product. If you have sensitive skin the best way to go is with derma-cosmetics with trace elements and minerals that strengthens skin, and thermal water with calming proprieties.  In the summer time always use a moisturizer with solar protection included even if you are not looking for a tan.

Don’t forget that hydration should be made from inside the body as well; and when you make a lot of effort or it’s too hot you will sweat and lose water. To replace that and get rid of toxins always drink plenty of water.

When you will see the first signs of aging on your skin, you should probably start taking skin treatment more seriously as soon as possible. Quick reaction is crucial if you want to look younger for a long time, and there are some things that could help you. You should review your skin cosmetics and find out which one is good for you and which one is not. Review your moisturizing cream and see that is the best one for your type of skin.  Keeping it hydrated definitely will protect you from premature aging. There are tons of hydrating products that could help you do that but first you will have to see which one fits you best.  Remember this is not a gable do not play with your skins health.

Moisturizing best works if applied on moist skin, and for day use chose a product with a solar protection factor (SPF) at least 15, so you can protect your skin from dangerous ultraviolets.  On the packaging of the moisturizing the ingredients are in the order of the quantity, with highest first. Water should be almost 60 % in the ingredients of the best products and you should always choose the product that has the most Latin named ingredients. That means that the product has more natural ingredients.

All the reviews I’ve read about moisturizing and other products speak from the writer’s point of view. You can write about a product that is good for you but sometimes the same product will behave totally different for another person. But I see reviewers in 2012 have forgotten the main purpose of a review is informational. Now everybody is becoming a sale –person of that product. When I read what are supposed to be reviews and comment I feel like I’m reading the commercial for that product.

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