Modeling and model headshots

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and there is a reason for quoting so. Every day, hundreds of products are launched in the markets but only one in those hundreds get your second look, ever wondered why! Well, what is inside, indeed does matter to grab the hearts but what is on outside, definitely matters for holding the eye balls tight.


The same applies for the modelling industry, only genuine good looks and a multitude of confidence sell here. People often confuse this with fairness, fake poser beauties and figures, when in actual fact all the trick lies in the shutters of the cameras. One killer model headshot can make you the eye candy of the ramp. Sometimes it is not very easy to settle down in front of all the flashy lights and what come out as an outcome of the restiveness is a photograph of a fake attention seeker.


The composite card that is your portfolio or if better said, “Your card to success” tells stories about you. A great portfolio having that perfect model headshots requires a great person, a person who does not go awry in front of the camera, and who is as calm in front of it as in its absence. A photographer does play an important role in making a model feel comfortable in front of the camera, he helps you to get a picture perfect model headshot of yours for your composite card, to showcase you as a person who is born to walk the hearts.


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