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I love to wear make up and I gladly accept this fact. So I am really choosey in my makeup. I do not buy without due research and advice. One of the most essential parts of my makeup kit is the eyeliner. In terms of eye liners, my favorite is the Milani eyeliner. Here I’ll give you a Milani eyeliner review. This is the on eyeliner I would suggest to all my friends and hence I am suggesting this to all of you out there. The reason is that Milani eyeliner produces consistent results. Once due to some reason I did not remove my wake up before sleeping, but even after that it had consistent results. After I had woken up I checked on the eyeliner and still it was as good as I had applied it at 1st. So the result remains good even after long periods. Milani eyeliner ensures longevity after use.

It has a flow about it and the results are noticeable. I mean Milani eyeliner is not one of those eyeliners where you apply them and they make no difference to your look. Milani eyeliner adds value to your look. Besides it doesn’t make you look any darker. Milani eye liner is of the perfect size. It is small enough to get you in close with the mirror; hence you will be able to take a good look at the mirror. This will help you in applying the eyeliner in a better way. It is also not too big because it fits in the hand very well. It doesn’t drop off, so it is easy to use. In short it is a user friendly product. The pen is easy to maneuver. Hence it makes easier for the user to apply the milani eyeliner.

The packing of Milani eye liner is an eye catching one. It look the product a royal one. It adds to the overall value of the product. The consumer is attracted to the Milani eye liner. It signifies the feel of the Milani eye liner. The tip of the Milani eye liner is appropriately sharp. It is adjustable and it also the user to apply it without to much fuss. The ink is dark and that also depends a little bit on the shades. The color display is vibrant and it makes the eye go lively.

The trick is to apply the milani eye liner on the inner and outer corners of the eyes along the lash lines. The right way of applying is to stand in front of the mirror or eye pencil stand, drop your head a little bit backward and start applying the eyeliner along the lash line. It should start from the inner corner and end at the outer corner.

All in all it is a very good product. It is a user friendly product and it will enhance your look. So now when you go out to buy your make up kit, do remember this Milani eyeliner review and give it a try. You will not be disappointed.


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