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Looking Hot with Maybelline Eye Tattoo

As a girl you eyes say so much about you that it can even determine the success rate of a top job interview. Therefore, when it comes to make-up it is advisable that you use the right tones for your face structure, eye color, size of your eye lashes and eye brows, as well as your skin texture and its sensitivity to make-up. The Maybelline Eye Tattoo is one of the few products in the market that you would not regret having on your dress table. The reason being, the eye tattoo is meant to last for 24 hours and with the right eye shadow you will look hot from morning until evening when partying with your buddies. Otherwise, some of the Maybelline Eye Tattoo strong points include:

  • Quality: The selling point of any product is its quality and its capacity to be used for a long time. When it comes to this particular eye tattoo one thing that is clear is that it is smooth and glides well on the skin and dries soon after application. Since it comes in ten colors you can layer any of the colors if you need something with more attention and a great finish. It is actually one of the eye shadows that you can use without a primer and the colors not crease.
  • User Friendliness: Maybelline eye tattoo is quite friendly to use because you can easily use it to glide through your skin owing to its wet nature and as soon as it dries up it may take some time to just remove it. This means that the eye shadow is meant to last for a long time.
  • Price: We can say the eye tattoo is a budget saver depending on your preference since the price ranges are between $8 to about $20 where there are eye shadows that you can get for $8 and less, the Mac Paint pots with 5g about $18 and the Metal-X cream shadows with 2.4g for $20.

In other words, compared to the other eyes shadows the Maybelline eye tattoo does the take the lead in terms of its costs which are commensurate to its benefits and may be too generous an offer in some instances. On the other hand, since the eyes shadow dries up it will expose the underlying skin meaning if you have wrinkles it will not do much in hiding them. This may means that we need to use it carefully especially when it comes to color blending and making to look presentable.

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