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Maybelline eye tattoo swatches are a cream eye shadow. They are famed to produce consistent results and give results on 24 hour basis. It ensures that there is no creasing or fading. The best thing about Maybelline eye tattoo swatches is that it gives high color. I had tried other products but did not get the desired results. For any normal eye product, if stays for 16 hours it is considered fit enough. Maybelline eye tattoo swatches provides 24 hours service.

Maybelline eye tattoo swatches are very good because it makes certain that there is no fading or smudging. I had applied them for long periods and it still performed amply well. It can also be used as cream eyeliner. The double usage is always an added advantage. You can always use it for multipurpose depending on your mood or occasion. Maybelline eye tattoo swatches perform very well both as an eye shadow and eye liner.

The consistency is good and it works smoothly. Working with Maybelline eye tattoo swatches is also easy. It takes little time to dry off so you can get back to work quickly. If you are really willing go give it time than you should go with one eye at a time. Color pay offs are also worth a mention. You will not be disappointed by the out come. It will provide an effervescent and dense finish.

The color shades have variety. There a re lots of fun filled and colorful shades. There are softer shades as well. So there is a nice blend and mix of both. The shades are diverse and hence provide a nice variety. Audacious asphalt is a blend of brown and silver. It gives a metallic look. The 2nd option is bad to bronze. It ensures a warm and smooth look. It provides a glossy result. Bold gold gives a shade of darker golden. It gives a royal look. Edge emerald provides an aqua teal color. It enhances the overall look. For me personally it works best as eyeliner. NYX seaform green is similar on look but it gives a darker look. If you want a bluer look, MAC shimmermoss could be your choice. MAC Aquadisiac is another option if you want a little diversity. One option I would definitely recommend is the urban decay minx. If little blue is your color than you should go for it. If you want to try something different than you can go for fierce &tangy. It gives you an orange look. Personally I looked the color output of this shade the most.

The packaging is in a heavy glass. It adds to the look of the Maybelline eye tattoo swatches. The product doesn’t look cheap. The lids are also present which ensure that the material does not dry off quickly. This guarantees the long lasting usage of Maybelline eye tattoo swatches. It also works on most skins. So there is no danger of highlighting the wrinkles. The product comes on the skin very easily. So it is a high-quality product overall.

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