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Being in perfect look all the time especially during wet seasons of monsoon has been really a great concern for all women around the world. Hanging out at parks, water theme parks and picnics with racoon eyes and messed up face is the worst case scenario a woman can expect. The market is flooding with mascara products claiming to be waterproof and long-lasting but hardly any product is able to deliver the claim, but one product really stood up to the mark and that is Maybelline colossal Mascara.

The best thing is that the price tag also makes up to the contents that this product has, a 7* more volume with just one coat full finish make up. The best thing about this is that no clumps are formed during application. As the brand itself is renowned for its whole some compact up to the mark product, a single unit contains a patented Mega brush plus a collagen formula plump lashes one by one. Hardly any product in market give such an advanced make up kit with well researched and proved material content under such an affordable price tag. The first thing that caches eye balls is its packaging of bright attractive yellow packet which is easy to mark even among many others. The product is available both in water proof and non-water. The best thing is cost of both is same. For casual wear non water proof makes a great make up as due its easy removal after use even the water proof one also not a concern if olive oil is used. Maybelline product this time also did not let us down. The high class expertise and great quality assurance of this product really takes and stands up to the faith of the customers.

Even when used in adverse conditions like in rain or while crying this mascara would not move from its place. Seeing people with black tears coming down looks horrible but this product would not let that happen to you. Tested by even splashing water at face this mascara still stayed at its place and even did not caused racoon eyes. Its non-clumping and single coat application is awesome but if given another coat before first one dries is a full safety drive. As the name suggest its increases the volume of the eye lashes to great extent and get prepared to have wide vibrant eye lashes. What you need is just to add one coat and all your sleepy looking eyes are changed to beautiful and attractive eye all set to be in the crowd and parties with full confidence.The consistency of the product is also of good aspect to say about as it is not like other thin runny which is hard to store after being applied. So, if buying the best quality mascara is in your mind but the varieties in market do get you in utter confusion then MAYBELLINE MASCARA is the one to go for not only for its performance and trusted brand of millions but also for the technology it uses under such an affordable price tag.

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