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Maybelline mascara is amongst one of the best selling and most popular brands on the market. Maybelline has four of the 10 top selling mascaras, One of these being top which is the “great lash” mascara, others being ones such as “define a lash” “volume express” and “intense XXL”.

One of the best Maybelline mascaras is said to be the “great lash” mascara from Maybelline, you may know that many supermodels and celebrities use this and some have come out and said they swear by it for their perfect look, what makes it so good? Well, the application of this mascara is wonderfully easy and quick, and you may find that you don’t have to spend any time afterwards separating clumps, or wiping away smudges. It is very easy application mascara, this mascara gives in only one coat your eyelashes a lovely natural look for the daytime, and then a few more coats after curling, with some eyeliner or eye shadow it can be a totally perfect evening look. The texture of this mascara is unlike most others that you may have used it has a smooth, silky, liquid effect, rather than a rigid, matte texture which results in clumps and uneven application.

Another one of Maybelline’s very successful mascara’s is the “define a lash” it is another of Maybelline’s easy application and removal products, this mascara is non clumpy and evens itself out after application to avoid the eyelashes being clumped together, it also lasts all day without any failure. One of its main strengths is that it is contact lens safe and hypoallergenic; this is a big plus for many people who are struggling with these things. You can also purchase a waterproof version of the mascara which is long lasting and has the properties of the original just it is waterproof for all you emotional people!

As you may be able to tell, Maybelline know how to make successful mascara’s, with almost half of the top 10 being their products they are a prestigious company, if you are looking for eye liner that is perfect for you, then I recommend checking out Maybelline’s products.

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