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Eye shadow

Eye shadow (Photo credit: xlordashx)

For any woman a make up kit is essential commodity. It provides her with the necessary equipment to make her look good. Eyes are the gateway to heart they say. Eyes are the 1st thing people notice. Women are always looking for ways to improve their look of their eyes. Eye shadows are one of the ways improve to the look of the eyes.  The looks of the eyes are enhanced immensely by eye shadows. There are many eye shadows in the market. One of the products of high quality available in the market is MAC wood winked eye shadow.

When you look at Mac wood winked swatch eye shadow, it gives a very warm and tempting look. It provides you a golden and sheen look to your eyes. It provides you a gleaming look. It gives a soft and luxuriously looks. It adds value to the overall look of your face.

There a few options you have with Mac wood winked swatch eye shadow. Cork provides a medium dark and soft finish. On the other hand Mythology gives you sort of a rusty copper look. The 3rd option is bronze and it gives royal look to your eyes. Omega is another option which gives a soft look. If you like to wear a darker look than concrete is your thing. On similar lines there is charcoal brown. As the name suggest it gives a tinted brown look. The variety is sufficient and you would be able to find one of your own preferences easily.

If you are asking me personally I have tried all the shades. The results have been satisfactory. It is important to choose the right option with the right clothing. It also depends on the eyes. There are some people who can wear all colors. While there are some women, who would look not so good in some eye shadow and look splendid in other colors. So pick and choose your color according your eyes. A miss match can make you look less beautiful.

Mac wood winked swatch eye shadow adds a dimension to the look. It provides a smooth look. It makes your eyes look prettier. It can give you a glamorous look if you are going in a party. If you are going to an office meeting than then you could get a sober looking eye shadow. Depending on your destination you can choose the eye shadow.

Another advantage of Mac wood winked swatch eye shadow is that it is long lasting. It does not drop off quickly. So you don’t have to worry about applying it again and again. I would definitely suggest to all of you out there. To be honest I have suggested this to all my friends and family. For all the males if you are planning to give a gift to a crush this could be a potential ice breaker. If you’re a husband trying to please your wife Mac wood winked swatch eye shadow could be really helpful.

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