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Lip Gloss is a wonderful creation for the cosmetics industry and the glamour lovers. Max Factor has certainly target that hidden desire in the minds of cosmetics and beauty Gurus to revolutionize the lip stick fashion, thus he created Lip Gloss in 1930 for shiny lips of the beauties of film industry. Now the Hollywood trend has seeped down to the girl population throughout the world. This soft solid/liquid lip color range has come into limelight by the lucid cosmetics in a new way. Lucid cosmetics Lip Gloss is introduced by Basket Ball wives beauty Jennifer Williams.

She not only carries the Lucid Cosmetics Lip Gloss but also put the brand in to a trend through campaign. Lucid Cosmetics lip glosses are unique in color range, appearance, and shine and packaging. They not only hydrate lips but also maintain colorful appearance of the lips by their opaqueness. They can be applied in all form; you can wear it with lipstick, lip pencil or solo, in all forms they brighten your appearance.

Lucid Cosmetics lip gloss are made of best material that may not cause any kind of skin allergy, and the color used in it are also food graded. They are available in many bright shades. However expensive, lucid cosmetics Lip Gloss specific to Jennifer William’s brand are available in natural colors including; Tropez Gloss, The Hill Gloss, Sobe, Napa and Big apple gloss. Tropez has extravagant champagne shade, while Sobe and Big Apple gloss are bright and rich colors. The Napa wear is so lasting that it remains throughout the day bold on the lips.

Tropez and Hill gloss, beside their classic shades, also gives a bubbly and fresh look to the lips increasing the lucidness of the lips, as the title of the “Lucid”. The diversification in the Lucid Cosmetics lip gloss enables you to adopt the whole brand for all of your seasonal, party, beach, spring, autumn and snowfall moods.

These is no need to put extra glitter in the Lucid Cosmetics lip gloss as it displays a natural shine on your lips without by overrunning it. Lucid Cosmetics lip gloss may cost you high, but they are nature friendly, paying to Lucid for a lavish Lip gloss means that paying to Lucid Cosmetics to preserve natural beauty of the environment and of your own. J Williams always carry the Lucid on, what would you decide…

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