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Criteria`s for finding the Best lingerie collection 2012

How to find the best lingerie collection 2012? Well, that is something that is easier to be said than done. These days every lingerie collection is promoted as the best lingerie collection 2012 even though that most of them can`t qualify for the title “average lingerie collection 2012”. However, the truth is that it`s hard to choose which from the one offered can be called best lingerie collection 2012. In order one collection to earn that right needs to fulfill few criteria`s.

The opinion of the fashion critics is one of the criteria`s that should be considered first. The collection that wants to be considered as the best needs to be rated well with the fashion critics. Even thought that there are few criteria`s that needs to be considered as well they will mean nothing if the fashion critics don`t bless certain collection with a good grade.

The next thing to consider are the user reviews. The opinion of the people that are not directly involved in the fashion industry matters a lot. Even though the fashion critics and fashion magazines are responsible for creating trends they can`t influence anything if the people disagree with them. By all means people love to write and rate and if the collection is that good they will recognize it and rate it high regardless the rating that the collection has with the critics.

A good word from some of the fashion guru`s. If some of the so-called fashion guru`s gives a good remark about your collection than you are on the fast track on having a number one lingerie collection in the country. Their opinion is much more respected than the one of the critics and very often you can find the magazines quoting them. They are the true public opinion creators mainly because you can find their statements and remarks in every medium that covers fashion events.

How the collection will do in stores. That is the ultimate test for the collection. The critics, the reviews, the guru`s all they can rate the collection as high as possible but at the end of the day if the collection is not sold as expected nothing else matters and that collection cannot be called best lingerie collection 2012. The unwritten rule says the better the lingerie collection will do in the market the better the chances to be called the best.
Generally speaking these are the matters that can make one lingerie collection called best. The one that will be called the best for 2012 needs to fulfill the mentioned criteria`s.

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