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11.17.10 (Opened)Many topics about how to make your own concealer, I think that when you make your own it is quite difficult to get it right the first time. You have to be careful about the color, the texture the ingredients and many other things.

Here are some tips how to get it right the first time. Don’t worry it’s not too difficult although a little practice is needed.

1. You will need some moisturizer (preferably noncomedogenic) and blush that matches your skin tone. Take a tube of moisturizer and squeeze a small amount, I recommend on your hand, or into a small container, and then add the blush matching your skin tone mixing it until it becomes homogenous and is opaque enough to do the job. Try to put equal parts of moisturizer and blush depending on your type of skin.  I recommended to do the mix in your hand so it’s easier to see when you have the color you require by comparing it to your skin. All you have to do now is to apply it as you would concealer. This method is perfect when you run out of concealer and need one right away. It’s easy and fast.

2.  Another way to make your own concealer is a little easier but it requires some time to make it. All you need is your skin tone foundation and a small container, like the ones you get with free samples. It’s a simple procedure and easy to do by yourself at home. You put a small amount of your favorite foundation in the small container and cover it with some cheesecloth, so dust or anything else wound find its way in to your home-made concealer, don’t put the lid on. Let it stand open, and leave it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days depending on the type of foundation you use. After a few days you have made your own concealer. Easy as pie! Now you can apply it whenever you need it the same way you would do with store bought makeup. The best part about this way of making your own concealer is you never have to worry about the color difference and you never have to buy unnecessary makeup ever again. And another thing, you can be shore you wound experience any reaction.

3. You can also combine the two methods using foundation instead of blush and adding a little tea tree oil (be careful not to put to much)  so your skin get rid of blemishes. After the mixture is complete put it in the fridge covered like in the second tip. But only for a day or two, not longer.

These are some easy ways to make your own concealer. You don’t have to worry about running out or finding the right color not even paying too much for some expensive product that you can easily make at home. You can say good bye to allergies or reactions caused by store-bought products. Hope this was helpful.


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