How to Apply Eye Shadow

eye shadow application

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How Make Your Face Perfect by Applying Eye Shadow

No single man on the planet earth is perfect, neither are women. People are trying to look perfect by using various preparations, cosmetics, and even surgeries. During the centuries, a lot of makeup theories are developed regarding this issue. However, theories are worth nothing without good practice, and above all, good products. Professional cosmeticians made great development in order to make a face look perfect. Eyes are important part of the face. Therefore, professionals paid more attention to this part of the face. There are a lot of cosmetic products that can be applied to the eye. They give many advices how to apply eye shadow to the eye and make people look not only beautiful, but satisfied with their look.

Women have many desires, regarding their look. A lot of them don’t know how to apply eye shadow. Even though there are no certain parameters on how the perfect face should look like, but women are a little bit complicated in that view. So, cosmeticians gave their best to make women be satisfied with their look. They offer several tips on how to apply eye shadow and with that to make some improvements on the face.

First of all, it is important to apply neutral, nude color of the eye shadow through the whole lid. This can give you expanse, matt surface, ready for applying other colors. Women usually want to correct the shape of the eye with applying eye shadow. So, the following advices regarding correction of the shape of the eye are given of professionals:

Deep eyes correction: Apply nude, light color all over the lid. It makes the lid to look pure and clean. With application of more mascara the eye will be more defined.
Relaxed lids correction: Draw a line at the ending of lashes to the brows, on about one third of the inner angle of the eye. Make a finish with a small amount of light eye shadow on the outer angle of the eye to make it look broader.
Stressed lid correction: When lids take large surface of the face, then, this is the category for correction. Apply only light colors, like light brown or white, because with dark colors eye will look deeper, and the effect will be reverse.

These are only several tips on how to apply eye shadow, but the basic rule must be noted: Dark colors make the face lines deeper, while lighter colors stress them.

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