Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

eye shadow palette

eye shadow palette (Photo credit: Franklin Park Library)

We know that there are great sayings by great people about great things. One of the greatest sayings of all time is that “beauty lies in the eyes of­­­­­­­­­­ the beholder”. In daily life one phenomenon that is widely accepted is that the first impression is the last impression.

When a person looks at you and talks to you, he looks directly into your eyes while having an eye contact. That is why, it is really essential and important to choose the right and the most attractive cosmetics for your eyes. If you choose an appropriate cosmetic for your eye color, this will portray a very positive and confident image of yours. Therefore, opting for the right eye cosmetics for your eye will be the door opener to how others first perceive. As we know that, this world has become a global village so there are greater numbers of competitors residing in the market. Each and every competitor tries his level best to provide people with products of different varieties. There are huge numbers of varieties of eyeshadow available in the market provided by top cosmetic companies. These huge varieties of eyeshadow are supplied in the market in all seasons all around the year. The endless variety of eye shadow colors marketed by top cosmetic companies each season, One should always know which color or color combination suits him the best though it is a difficult task.

It can be a really hard task to opt for the color, which looks best on you. Choosing the color combination for the blue eyes is a difficult task that has been made easy for you. If your eye color is blue, do remember that before applying eye shadow, you need to start with applying foundation to your entire eye area. Do make sure to choose a shade of foundation lighter than your natural skin tone, which will give an all-over natural look. Remember to apply foundation under the eye area to cover up any dark circles, puffiness or blemishes. Do remember to fill in your eyebrows as well, choosing a neutral shade of eyebrow liner or shadow. Good neutral choices for eyebrows include soft red-brown and fawn.

People normally make the mistake of choosing an eyebrow color darker than your actual eyebrow. You should follow
four phases. The color wheel will never lead you astray. Locate the color of your eyes on the wheel and pick an eye shadow color opposite of your eyes. The second phase is to prepare eyelids. Using a firm eyeshadow brush, prepare eyelids with eye base to keep creases from forming and to enhance brightness. Then you should apply eyeshadow. Shake off the brush and apply shadow to lid. If you have fallout on the cheek, take a loose brush and lightly brush off. Then at last apply eyeliner, starting on the bottom lash line. Using your finger, lightly smudge the makeup below your lash line. Apply eyeliner on top lash line. If you follow these instructions you surely have attractive eyeshadow for your blue eyes.

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